Buhari To Stay In London For 4 Months?

Since the beginning of 2017 there have been numerous contradictory reports on the whereabouts of President Buhari and his upcoming plans. Finally it was established that the president was in London having a 10-day vacation. However, when Mr. Buhari didn’t return to Nigeria on time, news outlets and Nigerian citizens started to wonder what was really happening. Here are the latest developments on the issue.

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Ever since Muhammadu Buhari left for London, there have been a lot of rumors on why he’s really there and when he’s coming back. There was even a false report on the president’s death, which was debunked by Mr. Buhari himself. The newest update was that Buhari asked for his vacation to be extended until February 5th due to him waiting for the medical test results that were taking longer than usual to be completed.


During the weekend the authoritative African news source Sahara Reporters claimed that President Buhari could stay in London for 4 more months due to a medical emergency. According to Sahara Reporters, the tests revealed a problem that has to be taken care off immediately. It is believed that the president is staying in London for a surgery and the subsequent recovery period. Nevertheless, until there is an official confirmation from Buhari’s office, these are only rumors.