How To Choose And Buy A Phone On Jiji App

Nowadays, companies develop and produce new phone models every year, if not even more often. So, if you want to be in trend, you’re going to need to spend a lot of money and time, unless you buy mobile phones on Jiji. And you can do it everywhere if you’ll install Jiji App on your smartphone. Here’s what you’ll need to do to make your shopping experience the best:

1. Install Jiji App can find the app in Google Playmarket and simply install it – it is completely free. Jiji App takes up really small amount of storage space – only about 5 Mb!

2. Select your region

Screenshot_2017-02-19-07-45-28-060_ng.jiji.appJiji App has over 700,000 ads, that’s why it would be more convenient for you to specify your location – this way you will be offered with ads, that are closest to you. You can also select “Nigeria” to see the ads from all over the country.

3. Select “Mobile Phones And Tablets”, “Mobile Phones” in the menu

To make your search of the product you need easier, all ads are divided into categories. The categories are divided into subcategories, which narrows the search of whatever you need down even more.


4. Use filters to find the phone you want

Screenshot_2017-02-19-07-47-20-928_ng.jiji.appThe filters allow you to choose, which phone brand, color, screen size and price range you want. This feature really helps to find exactly what you need without wasting much time. And it works for not only mobile phones, but for almost every other category.

5. You can just use direct search

Screenshot_2017-02-19-07-46-40-894_ng.jiji.appJiji App is equipped with an effective search engine, which also can help you to find whatever you need.

6. Find the ad you like and contact the seller

Screenshot_2017-02-19-09-12-07-480_ng.jiji.appMost of the ads are accompanied with photos of the product, which will help you to evaluate the state it is in. When you’ve chosen the phone you like, you can immediately contact the seller through built-in chat or call him or her. Be careful and avoid scammers, try meeting sellers in person and never pay before purchase.

Jiji App has a great number of advantages, such as:

  • Minimal amount of storage space needed
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Less traffic-consuming, than the mobile version of the site
  • Works without any failures, even when the site is temporary unavailable
  • Effective protection system you can rely on
  • Constant improvements and updates

and many more. So, don’t waste your time and buy mobile phone online with Jiji App!