How To Maintain Your Car

Car is a pretty big investment, so, obviously, you would want to keep it going as long as you can. That’s why your vehicle needs proper regular care. Using car services isn’t enough, you need to pay attention to your car’s parts state and make some steps to prolong their life and improve their work. Take the best care of your vehicle with Jiji.


Every part of your car should be checked and changed after some period of time or after some distance you’ve been going. Oil and filter change is one of the most important parts of keeping your engine living longer. That’s why you need to check it every 4-5 thousand kilometers (although manufacturers usually claim, that it needs to be changed only every 10000 km).

Other fluidstransmission

Such fluids, as coolant, brake fluid and transmission fluid are as important, as an oil. Check their levels regularly, flush your whole cooling system at least once a year. Take a look at a driver’s manual for your car and make sure, that the oils you change have the same viscosity and overall type as your car needs. Brake fluid attracts moisture, which may cause corrosion, so try to check it at least every month.


Modern cars are often made expandable for people to buy new models more often. Although this is good for a progress of the industry, fail of some systems of the car can cause serious accidents. One of which is the braking system. Check it periodically and if you even suspect some minor problem, take your car to a specialist for a check.


Belts often wear off or go loose, which can result in your car losing multiple important functions and your vehicle becoming unusable. When they are very loose, you may hear squealing sound, so as soon as you hear something, get your car for a check.


Worn off tires can become the reason for an accident too, so be sure to check tread wear indicators, which are situated in between the treads of the tire, once every week. Also, get yourself a tire gauge and check you tire pressure. Proper pressure prolongs the life of your tires and should be indicated in your driver’s manual.


Keep your car clean, as its body may become rusty, which may even turn into holes. Wash your car underneath, a lot of dirt often gets stuck there. Use wax at least once every six month to keep the paint looking good.


If you keep the interior of your car looking good, you will most likely be able to sell your car on Jiji to get a new, better one. Vacuum it regularly, use UV protectants. Try parking in shade to protect your interior from losing its color.


One of the most important advices for your car – keep whatever should move nicely lubricated and make sure, that whatever shouldn’t move stays that way. Check your windshield, mirrors and lights regularly on account of any cracks and dirt.