Latest Ankara Styles 2017-2018 You’ll Love

In the last few years Ankara styles gown has become a staple in every Nigerian woman’s wardrobe. Now you can see celebrities, fashion bloggers, and thousands of other ladies sporting beautiful Ankara styles 2017.

Ankara fashion styles change every year, and it’s no wonder that Ankara styles 2016 are much different from what we’re used to seeing in the world of Ankara fashion. Find the best ideas on how to wear latest ankara styles 2017 right here!

It is not compliate to choose unique Ankara styles. They are available in versalite bright colors and push fashion lovers to creativity in vearing current Ankara styles in different ways. Whether you prefer knee-length dresses or separates, skirts to pair with monochromatic tops ot colorful jackets to wear with jeans, there are enough female Ankara styles to try everything mentioned above and even more.

Lately, trending Ankara styles have become so popular that you should not be surprised when you see these clothing on catwalks of the best fashion houses and fashion weeks all over the globe. Latest Ankara styles in Vogue are one more proof of world’s obsession with African fashion. Open a magazine, and you will see:

  • knee-length dresses
  • floor-length gowns
  • formal dresses
  • high-low skirts
  • blazers
  • suits
  • contrasting colors with prevailing blue and yellow

Latest Ankara gown styles are among the most attractive outfits, which will make every girl feel like a princess.

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How to wear Ankara

The best thing about Ankara is its incredible versatility. If you look at the latest Ankara designs, you will see that it’s not created exclusively for women – men wear their fair share of Ankara too. However, Ankara fabrics truly shine when worn by ladies.

Thanks to the universally beautiful design, the best Ankara styles are represented by all kinds of dresses.

Cute and feminine cocktail dresses, short and flirty summer dresses, or red carpet ready evening gowns created with Ankara fabric is the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

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ankara gown styles

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Ankara is also famously easy to combine with the rest of clothing items. Throw a black blazer over a mid-knee Ankara dress and you’ll get a perfect outfit for work – not too strict and not too playful.

A denim jacket or shirt is another great addition to an Ankara dress or skirt for a day out in the city. The latest Ankara fashion also includes a selection of wonderful accessories: now you can easily add a splash of Ankara to your everyday look with a pair of shoes, a cute bag, or stunning earrings paired with a matching bangle.

Celebrities love Ankara too

Nigerian celebs are known for their eclectic taste in fashion, but if there is one thing that can be seen on every celebrity from time to time, it’s Ankara print.

Top Ankara styles of 2017

In 2017 everyone’s love for Ankara fashion doesn’t go anywhere. There are lots of designers who dedicated significant parts of their 2017 collections to Ankara styles.

Here are three of the most popular ones that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Knee length

This beautiful dress from Ofuure can be worn in six different ways, but no matter which way you choose, the amazing fabric and lively colors can spice up your everyday look this year.

beautiful ankara gowns unique ankara styles

2. Dress+jacket

This dress by Tribal Groove is stunning on its own, but what’s really cool about it is that it can be also worn as a jacket or cardigan. Pair it with your favorite pants or wear it on your own!

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ankara blazers

ankara jacket ankara jacket

3. Separates

If you’ve always been a fan of tight, figure-hugging pencil dresses, or can’t live without fun crop tops, this dress is just what you need. A modern variation of the classic Ankara print – what could be better?

latest ankara styles

 ankara styles gown

Top 50 Modern And Most Stylish Ankara Asoebi Styles – 2017

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