Make Your Dream Come True In 7 Simple Steps

There is no doubt each one of us has got many things we want to have. Someone is dreaming about a big house with a swimming pool and 7 cars for every day of the week. Someone would be happy to have a nice family with two children bringing joy and happiness into every day. The dreams are so different, but the way to achieve them is one – by following these 7 simple steps.

Make your dreams come true with Jiji

Step 1: Dream


Every great achievement started deep inside someone’s mind. So take your time and don’t be afraid to dream and to discover what is that great thing your soul desires for the most? Calm your mind and let your imagination fly far into the world of dreams and new ideas.

Step 2: Believe


Now is the time to feed your dream with some belief, so it grows bigger and stronger. Start believing that you can really achieve what you want to and don’t listen to those who will try to prove you the opposite. This is your dream and only you are in control of it.

Step 3: See


Have you heard of the power of visualization? It takes much of effort, will and a bit of craziness to draw in your mind something you never had and start behaving like you have it. For example, you could imagine that you are a CEO of a big company sitting in a leather chair while being in your garage on a wooden stool.

Step 4: Tell


Many people make one big mistake – they keep their dream to themselves, fearing that someone will put the evil eye upon it. On the contrary to that, if you tell about your dream to everyone around, it will keep you motivated to actually achieve it so you won’t look like a blowhard.

Step 5: Plan


The old saying says “get what you plan for” – this is so true. Every goal needs a strategy for its achievement. So don’t be lazy to sit and plan your dream. Plan the deadline, the tools, and resources you will use. Planning will indeed get you closer to making your dream a reality.

Step 6: Work


How said it wouldn’t sound, but nothing great is achieved easily. The book is being written page by page, day by day. While the sluggards are laying on their coaches doing nothing and blaming their fate, the hard workers are steadily going straight to achieving the success.

Step 7: Enjoy


When you achieve your goal, praise yourself with a reward of enjoyment. Share your success-feelings with others showing and inspiring them that it is possible to make your dream come true if you stick to the rules proven by the time and experience. Then give yourself some time to rest and go back to Step #1.

Enjoy your reality with Jiji