Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 Review

The Mercedes-Benz GLK was one of the first compact luxury SUV’s to enter the market. It was praised for its great performance and perfect handling capabilities, but its design was far from perfect. New line of Mercedes’s luxury SUV’s, Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class learns a lot from its predecessor, both in reinstatement of its strong sides and improvement of weak ones. If you want to get yourself a car for the best price, choose a Mercedes-Benz GLC on Jiji!

vsThe name of new line can tell you a lot about this car: GL part means, that the car is an SUV, C part means, that these models are situated on the same market place, as a C-Class sedan. Moreover, GLC shares almost 70 % of its details with it, and maybe this is what makes it so great. The design details, like more elegant outlines, were obviously inspired by this line of cars, and radiator grille and headlight look like they were taken from a flagship S-class sedan.

2016-mercedes-benz-glc300The interior is also almost an exact copy of the one, found in the C-class sedan, only made in carbon. This could be a great advantage in a rivalry with the closest competitors, like Audi Q5 (which has the same interior, as 2006’s Audi A6) and BMW X3. And, as an SUV should be, these cars are very roomy. Luggage rack’s volume is around 500 liters, and foldable rear seats can increase this number up to 1500 liters!

Hyacinth-Red-Mercedes-Benz-GLCIt’s time to talk about the insides of these cars. Most of the models are equipped with 1,991 cc 16V 4-cylinder turbo engine, which is less powerful and more fuel-efficient, than GLK’s V6. Mercedes-Benz cars have always been known for their excellent power-weight ratio, and the latest Benz car is not an exception, as the lack of power is balanced with its weight at only about 1800 kg. This enables it to accelerate from 0 to 100 in only 6 seconds!

2016-Mercedes-Benz-GLC300-13GLC’s are equipped with 9-speed automatic transmission, which is a relatively new system. It requires a great precision in manufacturing for at least an average performance. But Germans are known for their highly accurate work, so you can be sure, that it won’t bother you. Standard GLC model is equipped with rear-drive, while 4Matic version has all-wheel-drive system.

coupeThe latest model in this line, added by Mercedes-Benz in 2017, GLC 300 4Matic Coupe adds even more sporty feeling to the driving experience. It sacrifices the space in the trunk in favor of sleeker styling, and additional AMG styling Sports Package make you feel behind the wheel of real sport car. It’s still an SUV, though, and will comfortably accommodate 4 persons without any problem.

So, new addition to the great Mercedes line up proved itself to be a worthy successor to the last SUV models. It’s more stylish, productively effective and comfortable, than ever, and all this for the price, lower than most of its competitors.