How To Sell Your Old Phone For Maximum Profit

If you’re an avid smartphone user, selling and buying devices is nothing new – it’s clear that if you want to upgrade your phone, you should get rid of your old one first. However, when you’re determined to make a quick sale, you risk getting way less than your phone is worth. Find out how to achieve the best price when selling your old smartphone!

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Take care of your data

In case you’re still using the smartphone you want to sell, there are a few mandatory things to do with it before selling. First, you need to create a backup of your data: most phones let you choose what you want to save, which means you can choose contacts, photos, browser bookmarks, email, and any other valuable information and transfer it to your computer or other device.

Then you need to turn off any geo location services, so that the new owner wouldn’t get any data on your whereabouts. Only after you’ve saved all of the essential information, go into your phone’s settings and find an option that erases all content and settings from the device – once you do it, there’s no turning back and your phone will feel brand new.

Prepare your phone for sale

No matter how popular or new your smartphone’s model is, the way it looks has a huge impact on the selling price. Before photographing your device for sale, take it out of the case, remove the screen protection in case it’s worn out, and clean both sides of the device with a soft cloth damped in pure water.

Take a small brush or a cotton swab and clean the ports and the ringer toggle, since most of the dirt accumulates in those places. Finally, pay special attention to the lens of the camera and the flash, being as gentle as possible.

The most popular used phone listings are usually the ones that offer some accessories to go with the device. Ideally, you still have your phone’s original box and at least some of the accessories – for example, a charger. In case all of the original accessories are missing, you should consider buying some replacement items. For example, a charging cable is rather inexpensive, but it can help your listing stand out from the rest of ads.

Create the right listing

The key mistake sellers make is overpricing their item and putting the customers off. The fastest way to determine a fair price for your phone is checking similar ads and changing the price according to the state of your device.

Make sure to include the most important keywords into the title of your ad. Imagine yourself as a buyer to decide what the buyers are looking for in your listing. For example, if you’re selling an iPhone, your title should say: “Clean iPhone 5c 32GB for sale in Lagos”. The rest of your listing should accurately list the features and state of your phone, as well as the price and conditions of the sale.

If you’ve ever shopped online, you know that the photos of the products can be crucial for the success of the sale. There is no need to include dozens of photos, but make sure to photograph the device and accessories from each side. Avoiding posting grainy, blurry, or badly lit photos, since they can lower your chances of selling quickly and for maximum profit.

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