Top 10 Fastest Growing Industries In Nigeria 2017-2018

In the modern ever-changing world, it is especially important to stay informed about the latest news happening around. And the most valuable information regards the industries that are to be the leading ones on the labor market. Everyone has noticed a sudden invasion of technology into our lives with its new features, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), deep learning, machine learning, cognitive computing and many others. So what are the fastest growing businesses in Nigeria and what industries are to be the most lucrative in Nigeria in the coming years?

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 Oil & Gas Industry

One of the most lucrative areas of Nigerian business is oil and gas industry. As of 2014, it has accounted for 14% of the country’s income. Some companies decided it’s not enough and started to promote this business by setting Nigeria Oil & Gas conference and Exhibition that will take place from February 27 to March 2, 2017 in Abuja. The conversations that will be carried out at the conference regard the future of the country’s energy sector and will cover such questions as: legislation, upstream, midstream, downstream, power, Nigerian content, and security. All of this results in the jobs in oil and gas industry be especially high-paid.

Top oil & gas industry companies in Nigeria are:

Exxon Mobil





Conoco Philips


Nexen Inc

Hardy Oil and Gas Plc

Addax Petroleum

 Pharma Industry

Another no less profitable industry acting on Nigerian market is pharma. By 2020, the NIgerian pharmaceutical market is expected to more than double. Consequently, it’s worth considering getting a job in this sphere, as all pharma specialists are going to have much higher salaries as compared to now.

See top pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria:

Swiss Pharma Nigeria Limited

Fidson healthcare

Emzor Pharmaceutical

GlaxoSmithKline Nigeria

May & Baker Nigeria Plc

Mopson Pharmaceutical Limited

Chemiron International Limited

Olex Pharmaceuticals

Zolon Halthcare

Neros Pharmaceuticals

 Agricultural Industry

Agriculture is considered as the top jobs-providing industry in Nigeria. It accounts for 30% of all jobs in Nigeria. The economic benefits of large-scale agriculture are recognized, and the government favors the formation of cooperative societies and settlements to encourage industrial agriculture. Large-scale agriculture, however, is not common. Nevertheless, agricultural sector will always be in high demand in Nigeria, so it’s worth considering jobs in agricultural industry.

Top agricultural companies in Nigeria:

Agric International Technology & Trade Ltd.

Woermann Nigeria Ltd

Dizengoff W.A. (Nigeria) Ltd

Golden Oil Industries Limited

Jovana Farms Nigeria Limited

Livestock Feeds PLC

Thai Farm International Ltd

Abtop Agriculture

Afri Agri Products


IT Industry

Just the same as the rest of the world, Nigeria needs to migrate online all of its businesses. This is a must-have requirement for anyone willing to stay competitive on the ever-changing market. Whether it’d be a web-site needed for e-commerce purposes or an online advertising – IT specialists are going to significantly grow in demand in the nearest future. That’s why it’s worth considering IT job offers here.

Top IT companies in Nigeria:

MTN Nigeria



AIRTEL Nigeria

Google Nigeria


INTEL Nigeria


IBM Nigeria

MainOne Nigeria


Nollywood is now a second-largest film industry in the world. In less than two decades it has greatly grown in number of Nigerian movies produced and in amount of profit brought to country’s economy. With such a fast pace as we can see in film-making industry of Nigeria, we can only expect that soon it will compete with Hollywood itself, and who knows, maybe one day we’ll see Nollywood on the top position in the world.

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