Top 9 Most Common Interview Questions And Answers To Them

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew beforehand what questions you’d be asked at the job interview? Then you could get a chance to think over the answers and be prepared with the right words to say. While it is not recommended to come with canned responses, we still want to share with your some of the most common interview questions and answers to them.

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Question #1: Could you, please, tell a little bit about yourself?


This is the first and might seem to be the most banal question, so many people don’t consider it as an important one. And by giving a response to it, they often start with their childhood, education and other background not related to the particular job position. The trick of the question is to provide the employer with the pitch – start with 2-3 specific accomplishments you want the interviewer to know about. Make a delicate relation of your achievements to the job position you are applying for and turn them into your advantages before other candidates.

Question #2: Why do you want this job?


The main characteristic the employer considers is your passion about the job. So this particular question requires you to not only be well-prepared with the right words, but also with your body language. Do a small pre-research about company’s activity and say that you like what they do and that you wanted to be a part of their team for a long time. Say it with your arms open and show the palms of your hands – this gesture proves you’re saying the truth.

Question #3: Why should we hire you?


You’ll be a very lucky person if you are asked this question, as there is no better opportunity to sell yourself. And the best answer is that you don’t work for the working hours, but you work for the results. Believe it, this is exactly what the employer wants to hear from you.

Question #4: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


When answering this question, keep in mind that the employer wants to know two main things – whether you are an ambitious person and whether you set realistic goals. In order to hit the point with the right answer, think realistically what is the top you can achieve from this position and keep within the borders. It is also okay to say that you are not sure what the future has got to bring you, but that you hope your experience holding this particular position will help you to find it out.

Question #5: Why would you like to leave your current job?


For the first sight, it might seem a tricky question, but indeed it is one of the easiest interview questions. Keep your answer simple, like “I just didn’t feel I was doing things I’ve always dreamt of doing and here I see the opportunity to find the work I will enjoy”.

Question #6: What is your biggest weakness?


Time for tougher questions and this one is really delicate and requires a well-thought answer. Of course, you don’t want to make your potential employer doubt whether to hire you or not. So you can choose to say about some skill you are not really good at but which is in process of improvement. For example, it might be – “I don’t feel very confident French, but I visit speaking club twice a week to improve my skills”.

Question #7: What is your biggest professional strength?


This is not less tricky question than the previous one, as you should choose the advantage of yours, which will be able to show your interviewer you are the right candidate for them. The tip is – don’t try to say what the other person wants to hear – tell the truth. It is also to stay relevant and specific. For example, instead of saying such general things like “I am a sociable person”, say “I am good at building relationships” and support your statement with an example from your previous experience.

Question #8: What are other companies you are interviewing with?


It is a common question for all companies as they want to know two things – first, whether you are a loyal candidate who is not going to jump from one place to another and whether you are head hunted by other companies and it’s worth considering you first. The best answer would be “I consider similar positions in other companies” without mentioning companies’ names.

Question #9: What is your greatest professional achievement?


To answer this question easily, use the STAR method. S – set up the situation and the T – task you were to complete, therefore demonstrating your skills. Then tell about the A – action you did and the R – results you achieved.

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