Your attitude to fashion may differ: you can either follow it blindly or be slightly skeptical about it. However, you would not want to ignore even the smallest beauty trend of this year, because you risk becoming a black sheep in the world of fashion!

Popular designers have demonstrated their latest creative achievements. Now you have an opportunity to find out everything about beauty trends in 2017!

trends general

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Makeup main

The basic makeup trends in 2017 are:

  • The effect of light glow.
  • Nude-effect make-up.
  • Monochrome make-up.
  • Modern interpretation of smokey eyes.
  • Arrows, “cat’s eye” effect.
  • Graphic makeup.
  • Festive makeup in “metallic” style.
  • Blush on temples: you can choose deep red, blurring the line between the eyeshades and blush, or you can only leave light pink accents on the sides of the forehead and the outer edge of the cheekbones.
  • Latest makeup trends also include colored lines on the eyelids.
  • Use the full palette of bright colors and draw graphic lines, arcs and chaotic strokes!

Check out this selection of other classy 2017 makeup looks:

Makeup 5

Makeup 1

Makeup 2

Makeup 3

Makeup 4


In 2017 choose classic hairstyles that fashion critics will not criticize, but won’t also remember for years to come. You could get inspiration from the hairstyles of Amy Adams, Naomi Campbell, Monica Bellucci, Priyanka Chopra, Mandy Moore and Drew Barrymore, Emily Ratajkowski, Brie Larson and Naomie Harris.


Neatly arranged hair is becoming increasingly popular: for instance, a bun, a ponytail and braided hair.


Maximum length hair is becoming the trend of the year!


A lot of stars prefer layered haircuts and a smooth parting.


Another trend: add some hair extensions to your gorgeous mane and make a nice ponytail!


Skin care

The basic rules of skincare are:

  • Washing your face twice a day.
  • Using day and night creams (day cream is for moisturizing, night cream is for nutrition).
  • In summer, sun protection is essential while in winter it is optional (outside ski resorts and sparkling snow).
  • You will need nutritious serums, though. This is well-known skincare classic, but it is still relevant like Ohm’s law of universal gravitation.
  • Charcoal is the main ingredient of new fashionable beauty products. It may seem strange, but charcoal will be trendy in 2017. This ingredient is worth trying if you like to care for your skin. It works like a little magnet, absorbing dirt and toxins.
  • Rosehip oil. In 2017 rosehip oil will beat the popularity of everybody’s favorite – coconut oil! It will become extremely popular due to its anti-aging properties. Rosehip oil contains vitamins A and C that, being natural antioxidants, stimulate the production of collagen, penetrating deep into the epidermis.


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