What To Choose For A Family – A Minivan Or Crossover?

Large roomy cars may be different, and their advantages can be achieved by various methods – from engineering to marketing ones.

In this crossover vs minivan comparative analysis, we will try to figure out which of these vehicles is the best family car and why!


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The history of minivans began in the 1920-1930s. In the 60s, several companies launched the production of monospace cars on the basis of mass-produced cars of different classes: Fiat Multipla 600, Volkswagen Transporter, Toyota Liteace etc. These cars can be considered real pioneers of the class.

The term “crossover” appeared in the mid-1990s and it was used to refer to the Toyota RAV-4, Honda CR-V and other cars like them.


Why should you choose minivan?

A modern minivan is a monospace vehicle with cabover or semi-advanced cab layout featuring a large wheelbase, large windows, with two or three rows of seats (5-9 seats), the side door can be either hinged or sliding.

Minivan 1

The main advantages of minivans are:

  • A large number of seats;
  • Comfortable fit all riders;
  • Excellent interior transformation, the possibility of dismantling the second and third rows of seats;
  • The largest number of various luggage departments among all classes of vehicles (glove compartments, cup holders, pockets, glove boxes, drawers and so on).

Minivan would the best family vehicle, if not for some drawbacks:

  • High cost compared to station wagons and sedans built on the same platform;
  • Poor cross-country capability due to its large wheelbase and small clearance;
  • Worn-out condition of some vehicles that have been used for the transportation of goods for commercial purposes.

Family packing mini van before vacation

What are the advantages of crossovers?

Today a crossover is an imposing car for driving primarily on paved roads. They come in three- and five-door types, five- and seven-seat types, 4×4, or with one axle drive.

Crossover 1

The advantages of modern crossovers are:

  • Good geometric cross-country capability (angles of approach and departure, the ramp angle, a large clearance);
  • Spacious interior and luggage compartment;
  • High fit.

Weak points of crossovers:

  • High cost of consumables (tires, suspension parts, etc.) as compared to other classes of vehicles;
  • Less floor space in the interior in comparison with minivans.

Crossover 2


In order to choose between a minivan and a crossover, you should start with making up your mind about what you need the car for.

The minivan will indeed make the best car for kids & relatives, if you often travel long distances with your family (even if your family is not very large). These cars feature convenient fit, sufficient space for luggage and a smooth ride.

However, if you like picnics, and often solve your parking problems by stopping at the curb – crossovers are designed for you. They feature four-wheel drive, high ground clearance and bumpers protecting from minor damage, which will help you overcome off-road challenges!

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