5 Best Color Combinations For A Traditional Wedding 2017

A perfect wedding consists of many factors, from the quality of the food to the entertainers, but wedding colors are among the most important ones.

A smartly chosen yoruba traditional wedding colours is not only great to look at, but also makes the wedding photographs even more beautiful.

Picking Nigerian traditional wedding colours can be different from styling a white wedding, since white weddings usually have a unified theme, while on a traditional wedding the only coordinated pair are the bride and the groom. With these 5 color aso ebi colour combination 2017 pairings you’ll have an absolutely exquisite wedding!

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1. Orange and purple

If you’re planning your wedding event for autumn, you have several choices for colour combination for traditional wedding attire – for example, beige and mocha.

However, a much more impressive choice would be pairing purple with orange. These colors go exceptionally well together and provide endless opportunities for creativity.

You can make most of your wedding colors purple and orange, adding white or silver as beautiful accents. These shades can also be successfully used in makeup and nail art.

2. Peach and mint

A peach and mint green aso ebi is a very trendy choice that has been a popular wedding colour combination for several seasons.

This pairing has a very summery feel, so if you have an outdoor wedding, there is probably no better choice of colors.

Gold can be the perfect addition to the peach and mint green combo. You’ll have no problem coordinating the colors of the bride and groom’s wedding looks, just like this lovely couple!

3. Fuchsia and purple

If you and your partner are looking for much bolder Nigerian aso ebi colour combinations, why not try the purple and fuchsia pairing?

This color combo is both romantic and very daring, which means only the most traditional couples can choose it as their wedding theme.

As for the color accents, you can’t go wrong with an occasional splash of green and white, while black accents will elevate the look of your wedding , making it more sophisticated.

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4. Peach and gold

The minute you see a peach and gold aso ebi at a wedding, you instantly know that it’s a very classy event created by people with the most exquisite taste.

In the range of wedding colours 2017 the peach and gold pairing is, perhaps, the safest choice – it looks good both live and in pictures and allows guests to easily find perfectly coordinate outfits.

If you’re going for a peach and gold wedding, consider adding aqua, turquoise, or hot pink color accents.

5. Gold and burgundy

For the bride and the groom who are dreaming of a very elegant wedding, the best colour combination for wedding is the one that features burgundy.

This shade looks stunning on any complexion and can be paired with a variety of other colors.

We picked burgundy and gold because it’s a very regal pairing and the one that is simply ideal for an autumn or winter event. Deep burgundy looks especially good with strawberry pink and sand accents.

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