6 Helpful USB Gadgets You Will Love

In our modern age of technologies, we usually spend a big chunk of our lives on front of the computer. You’re probably reading this, sitting in front of the screen too! There are a lot of ways, in which this technological advancement helps us in our everyday life, but actually it could help even more. Here are a few creative devices, that will add a lot more functions to your computer.

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USB hub

This simple device is really helpful for people, that have a lot of gadgets and not nearly enough USB-ports. It can add up to 12 more ports for your use, and it usually comes with a long enough cord, so you can use it as an extender.

If you have a USB 3.0 port, you can buy a USB 3.0 hub to make the information transfer really fast and effective. Moreover, there are a lot of choices in terms of style – you can find yourself a fun addition to your office space or computer table at home.

Mini USB fan

Nothing can be better for the hot weather, than a flow of a cool fresh air, especially if you can carry it in your pocket. The mini fan is a great choice for your workplace, as your personal wind maker will save your life in a hot office full of people. Furthermore, you won’t sweat that much, which will make you look more professional and attractive. And you will definitely make your colleagues jealous!

Portable refrigerator

Not feeling cool enough? Put a portable USB fridge beside your computer and have a cool drink anytime you want! Of course, it is pretty small and you won’t be able to put too much inside, but you won’t need get up from your seat to get your beverage, which is nice. This little cooler is a great addition to gadgets, that will save you in a hot weather, you will get used to it really soon.

Self-stirring mug

Being another product for lazy people, this mug will stir the drink you put in it with a simple push of the button. It’s not that stirring is a hard task, but it is somewhat satisfying to watch your coffee and cream mix together without a single effort. It is really fun and it could be a great present to a coworker.

USB cup warmer

If you’re among the people, that always forget about their hot beverages, then this cup holder is just for you. This device will keep your drink warm for hours without overheating it. Still, be careful and don’t put it too close to yourself and your computer, as you may be able to spill it and burn yourself.

Portable iron

If you’re often oversleeping and don’t have a lot of time in the morning, or you’re just on a business trip and don’t have a possibility of taking your iron with you, this portable variation will definitely save you.

This palm sized iron won’t be able to make your whole suit look slick, but it will definitely help you to fix your shirt or blouse and pants. If you’re used to being stylish everywhere, this gadget is made just for you.