7 Effective Ways To Upgrade Your Car Performance Exponentially!

Increasing car performance is quite a feasible task. Of course, you will have to buy performance car parts, but this is an excellent investment, since each of the ways described below is repeatedly tested in practice and provides excellent results!

Let’s find out how to increase your car performance on the basis of methods used by the leading service centers.

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1. How to increase the working volume of the engine

There are 2 ways to do it:

  • increasing the diameter of the cylinder;
  • replacing the crankshaft with a different one with a more powerful performance.

As a result, you’ll get a significant increase in the amount of the peak torque.

2. How to increase the ratio of compression

There are 2 ways to do it:

  • to lower the height of the bottom plate of the head of the cylinder block by milling.
  • to do this you will need to purchase special car modification parts – plungers with the convex top part. They will have to be installed instead of the current ones.

Besides this, there is the possibility of installing a modified layshaft.

As a result, the engine power and efficiency are increased while fuel consumption is reduced.

3. Software car upgrades: chip tuning

This method consists in changing the control signals that come from the chip to the main components of the car.


  • the increase of the engine power by 5-20%;
  • reduction of fuel consumption;
  • improving the dynamism of the machine and its control.

4. MD-tuning: modifying the carburetor or rotating valve

The technology consists of creating well-designed chamfers in the carburetor or the rotating valve.


  • the engine power is increased by 5-15%;
  • 10-25% fuel consumption economy;
  • increases the torque;
  • cleaner waste fumes;
  • increases the dynamism of the vehicle;
  • no dips in the acceleration.

5. Make your car more lightweight

Reducing the weight of your car will greatly facilitate its acceleration. Simply remove the parts the car doesn’t really need and enjoy the enhanced performance.

6. Replace the tires

With the above upgrades, don’t forget to update the tires to ensure that the new power can maintain the grip with the surface without unnecessary wheel rotation, excessive or insufficient rotation and power steer.

You will need:

  • sticky tires;
  • new cups for control levers;
  • new ball-and-socket joints;
  • stronger dampers with shorter springs.

7. Increase aerodynamics:

  • remove unnecessary patches, antennas, etc;
  • lower the car;
  • make the bottom flatter;
  • install a more streamlined bumper, spoiler (use only high-quality performance car parts);
  • install more streamlined rear-view mirrors;
  • polish the car.

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