8 Significant Reasons To Wait Until 2050

The world around us is constantly changing. And the frequency of these changes is not 100 years as it was before, it is just 1 year. Our watches, glasses, cars and apartments have long ago become smart. Would you like to know what is waiting for us ahead?

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#1 – Nature will become a landmark

Eco-tours, eco-hotels, eco-entertainment – people have come to prefer traveling with the prefix “eco” more and more. You relax in a luxury hotel or a bungalow, but also teach kids English in the local school, caring for elephants or helping to collect pears on a fruit farm.

All natural is becoming more expensive and valued higher and land where the nature is preserved is soon to become a landmark.

#2 – We will live for way longer

Medical technology has gradually come to a whole new level. With the help of gadgets we measure the pulse, blood sugar, and can see the performance of our health on the smartphone screen. Plastic surgeries are becoming less popular, everything is done with the help of injections that are simple and almost painless.

All these frightening medical units will gradually reduce to the size of gadgets, and the number of functions will only increase. And in order to carry out a full diagnosis of the organism, it will no longer be necessary to go to the doctor and take a bunch of tests, as a simple mobile device will be enough.

#3 – It will be possible to print any thing

Parts of machines, musical instruments, furniture, and even a collection of fashion – there is no thing that will not be possible to get printed on the 3D-printer as soon as it is invented. For example, in Southern California is a giant printer that can print the whole house with electricity and water supply.

Printing construction is already underway, and in the future, everyone will be able to create a cottage, or a car, or a boat for fishing, do anything. For this will be enough to download a sketch from the Internet.

#4 – Virtual reality will replace books

You will be able to visit the heart of the historic battle, to see with your own eyes the Big Bang, or visit the University lecture in another country without leaving home.

Virtual reality is developing at a breakneck pace, and in the future it will be used in education, not giving you a chance to get bored at the lectures or fall asleep at the school lesson.

#5 – People younger than 80 years old will not get sick with cancer

British scientists have come to this conclusion. It was found that taking aspirin doses for children aged 40 years and older can prevent the development of cancer. In the UK such prevention has already yielded its results.

Thus, it was found that the drug intake in small doses for 15 years reduces the risk by 7-9%, and taking it for 20 years one can reduce the premature death from any cause by 4%.

#6 – We will drive electric cars

Slowly but steadily we are moving away from those noisy machines, air pollutants, and give preference to the electric motor. People start to realize that electric cars are not only more environmentally friendly and safe, but also “smarter” as a whole.

The main problem remains in the unsuitability of these machines in most part of the world. Gradually, however, we have already started to adapt the filling stations, stations for electric cars, and the price for such a vehicle are gradually falling.

#7 – Sports will become more available

The gadgets owners can already count steps, measure their motility and count calories. Almost everyone has a personal trainer in their pocket, which is a program of training and a personal diet.

Gradually the avocation for healthy lifestyle is not becoming just a trend, but a lifestyle. In the future, drinking and smoking will no longer be cool, and fast food will seem obsolete.

#8 – Energy will be cheap and renewable

Recently, the Institute of Energy has conducted a study, which showed that in 2050, 80% of all the energy we will get from renewable sources. This is a transition to generators that use natural resources: sunlight, water and wind. Such techniques cost less, provide more jobs and do not harm the nature and our health.

Today, more and more countries are moving to renewable energy. For example, in Germany 74% of the energy comes from renewable sources. And more and more countries choose to behave the same.

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