The Best Yoruba Traditional Attires

Every culture is unique and interesting in its own way, but Yoruba stands out among them as one of the most bright, colorful and fun of them all.

Yoruba cultural dressing has always been really stylish, even before the existence of universal understanding of high fashion. Here are just a few examples of the Yoruba traditional attires, that will blow your mind with their beauty.

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The brightest examples of Yoruba fashion style can usually be found on the traditional wedding. These events usually combine customs of old and modern tendencies. Contemporary Yoruba clothes is the same – it combines the type and style of old with new materials and new, even brighter, colors. Let’s take a closer look on some of the Yoruba traditional wedding attires:Yoruba traditional wedding attires

The most common choice for Yoruba traditional wedding attire is a combination of Iro and Buba (a wrapper and a blouse) with a Gele (headpiece).

They are usually made out of Aso Oke – traditional Nigerian cloth, but other materials are becoming more popular as well.

This Yoruba attire stands out among the others both in its light-green bright color and in the material – floral-like lacing patterns make the dress look very light and beautiful. This is a great example of the fusion of old and new in Yoruba fashion style.Yoruba fashion style

The next type of wedding attire includes a dress instead of the Iro and Buba, which works much better in terms of putting an emphasize on women’s figure.

The combination with Gele makes it still look traditional, and it is a great choice for a bridesmaids’ clothes.Yoruba fashion style

This great Yoruba outfit incorporates the use of floral pattern too, but the material it’s made of is much different.

Beautiful bright sparkling material and the use of golden red colors are great additions to the Yoruba fashion style.Yoruba outfit

In a Western world, the bride’s white dress symbolizes her purity, and these versions of the Yoruba attire use this idea too.

This unusual merge of traditions looks pretty organic and the outfit overall looks gorgeous. The use of accessories like beads is more important in this case, as the white dress creates a blank canvas for them.yoruba clothing styles

This attire with multiple different colors is a great variation on the traditional wedding costume. It continues the tradition of bright and fun Yoruba clothing styles and it looks pretty awesome.

As in the previous case, the use of accessories only helps to create the finished look.

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