Fun Green Foods To Try This St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most adorable holidays we celebrate in spring, and what better way to celebrate it than with a selection of lively green foods and drinks? If you’re hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party, you generally have two options: to use naturally green ingredients in your cooking, or turn your foods green with some food coloring. Get some ideas about green dishes everyone will love right now!

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1. Egg rolls

The traditional Irish snack can be easily turned into a St. Patrick’s holiday treat with an addition of something green. We suggest stuffing your egg rolls with fresh cabbage and some protein like chicken or beef, and adding another green touch by sprinkling the rolls and the sauce with finely chopped greens. Any variation of a mustard sauce will go perfect with the egg rolls!

2. Stuffed avocados

This is a delicious snacks that also has a stunning presentation. Avocados make an ideal shell for all kinds of fillings. You can go the traditional Italian route and serve some Caprese salad with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil, or choose any other filling you like. The parts of the avocado you take out to create shells can be added to the filling or turned into some tasty avocado sauce or guacamole to support the green theme of your party.

3. Chocolate and mint cookies

Chocolate and mint is one of the most classic pairings in food, and this St. Patrick’s Day you can use this combination to your advantage. In fact, there are dozens of recipes for sweet treats that feature both chocolate and mint, but if you’re short on time or don’t have too much cooking experience, these cookies are by far the easiest thing you can make. Decorate them with green icing for an extra festive touch!

4. Green lemonade

When there is a table full of tasty and fun-looking green dishes, it’s great to have something to wash everything down with. This lime lemonade will go perfectly with the rest of the foods and will become  beautiful addition to your St. Patrick’s celebration. To prepare the lemonade, take fresh limes, sparkling water, and sugar syrup. Mix everything to taste and serve in tall glasses with lime slices and ice cubes for maximum refreshment.

5. Pesto pasta

While pasta may not be the most traditional St. Patrick’s recipe, adding green to it makes it a great option for making your celebratory party more diverse. Start by preparing your favorite type of pasta. Then you can either make your own pesto sauce, or buy some in a store to save time and effort. Simply mix the pesto together with the pasta and serve on its own or with an addition of other vegetables or meats.

6. Colcannon

Colcannon may be the most Irish recipe to have ever existed. This recipe is many centuries old and combines two affordable and universally available ingredients: potatoes and cabbage. Additionally, you’ll need milk, garlic, green onions, and your favorite spices. Boil potatoes and cabbage separately, then bring everything together in one pot and mash or blend until the two ingredients have thoroughly mixed, adding milk and seasoning your colcannon along the way.

7. Shamrock milkshake

A milkshake can be served as either a drink or a dessert, depending on the other dishes on your St. Patrick’s menu. This recipe only requires three main ingredients: vanilla ice cream, milk, and mint extract. To make your milkshake more vibrant and noticeable, you can add a couple of drops of food coloring. Use your blender to blitz the ingredients together and serve in glasses with a straw.

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