How To Be Happy: 8 Steps To Happiness!

In 2012 the UN issued a resolution to make March 20 International day of Happiness in order to support the idea that the pursuit of happiness is a common feeling for all people of our planet!

Well, you could celebrate this day with your close relatives, lovers or friends. This may make you happier, but not forever. What really matters is to grasp the secret of happiness in order to get as close to this magical state as possible and keep it throughout your life!

We have great news for you – we are about to tell you how to do it!

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1. Forget about the approval of other people

Imagine how much you will gain if you stop guessing if other people approve your decisions? Moreover: you will never know what people really think about you so – is it even worth worrying?

Do not let others guide your life for you!

2. How to be happy? Let go of anger and resentment!

Both of these feelings can destroy you from the inside and really hurt you while wasting your time and energy.

Remember that the person who makes you angry is in fact the one who controls you!

3. Do not build up the image of your ideal partner

What qualities should your partner have for you to be happy? For all people, the qualities of an ideal partner are similar: you have to love him or her with all your heart, feel comfortable around, and he or she must accept you as you are.

If the first two points match – excellent, you have found what you need. In order for the third point to be realized, learn first to accept yourself, warts and all! Then any person will intuitively feel your love for yourself and do the same.

4. Do you want to be a happy person? Do not try to live an “ideal life”!

There is no model of an ideal life so you don’t have to think that a 3-storey house, a yacht, your own business, a wife and a lover are pre-requisite for being happy.

The only thing that exists is your own choice. Someone is happy working in a workshop making a new pair of shoes while others are unhappy in a huge luxurious mansion.

You can create your own world, the most beautiful of all worlds!

5. Forget about excuses

There is no time for excuses. It’s just your attempt not to feel like a loser. In this case Nike makes sense perfectly: just DO it!

6. Let go of memories that no longer serve you

Do you really want to get real happiness of life and share it with somebody?

Do not look back especially to your exes: otherwise you will subconsciously compare and impose this projection upon your new partner forgetting that this person will never be the same as your ex. This way you will never be able to see your new partner’s positive qualities.

7. Do not judge and do not envy

It is impossible to know for sure how happy someone else is; therefore, the feeling of envy is simply pointless. While you are judging other people be ready to be judged – and you do not want that, do you?

If you catch yourself envying other people, try thinking like this: what if your acquaintance, who has bought a house in the Maldives, is in fact a lonely and unhappy person? You don’t really want such “happiness” for yourself!

Both of these feelings are not productive and just waste your valuable time.

8. How to be happy always, without tying your happiness to someone/something

“I will be happy if I have a husband and children.”

“I will be happy if I have my own home.”

“I will be happy if I have this job.”

“I will be happy if…”.

Have you ever had such thoughts? Try to remember what happened after when you achieved what you were aiming at, or got what you wanted, how long your happiness lasted. Did it quickly disappear? Of course, having achieved the goal or having received something long-awaited, we rejoice, however such happiness is short-timed.

Do not associate your happiness with anything.

No person or a single material thing in this life will fill your void if it exists. No one will make you happy if you are unhappy. To share your happiness with someone else, you must first find this happiness, and then this someone else will appear in your life.

So do not think that your happiness is in someone’s hands, it is in fact in yours!

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