Is Kojic Acid Soap The Best Skin Lightening Product?

Skin is the largest organ of our body; its condition basically defines how we look. As we get old, our skin is getting older too, it becomes wrinkled and darkens. That’s why there is a huge number of skin lightening products – although they have some side effects, they can make your skin look younger and brighter. Kojic acid soap is one of the most popular products with such an effect, but is it the best one? Let’s find that out.

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Kojic acid is a substance, which is manufactured from a few species of fungi. It is often used not only in cosmetics but also in a food industry as a color preserver and even in medicine! When applied to the skin, kojic acid manifests as a peeling agent, while also inhibiting the production of melatonin – a pigment, which darkens your skin.

There is a number of different kojic acid-containing skin products, which have different forms – from creams to sprays and beyond. Kojic soap is the most popular of them, as the concentration of acid in it is often lower, which makes it gentler towards your skin and less likely to cause unpleasant side effects.

There are quite a few brands of kojic acid-containing products, one of the oldest and most famous of them is Kojie San. This brand continues the tradition of the very first skin lightening products, while also improving them and creating new ones. Despite their efforts, there are a number of Kojie san soap side effects, which you should definitely know about before using the product. They include:

  • High skin sensitivity. As the skin exfoliating agent, kojic acid basically strips off the upper layer of the skin with all the dirt, oils, and dead cells and exposes the new skin cells. Although after this skin looks much smoother and softer, it also becomes more sensitive to the environment. The best way to avoid this is to apply corticosteroids, which will prevent hypersensitivity.
  • Skin dryness. Applying a moisturizer after the use of the skin lightening product is almost mandatory for a lot of them, and Kojie san soap is not an exception.
  • The inhibition of melanin causes higher skin sensitivity towards the sunlight, so be sure to apply sunscreen with high enough SPF if you’re planning to go outside right after skin lightening (and for some time after that).
  • The risk of allergies. You should choose any cosmetic products considering your skin reaction to them. As every Kojie san soap review says, you should definitely stop using it when you see any sign of a rash or an allergy.

But don’t let these side effects scare you. If you’ll do everything careful enough, you will see an incredible difference. Kojie san soap before and after pictures are so amazing, you won’t even believe, that they were made without the use of Photoshop!

Moreover, it is one of the cheapest products on the market. Kojie san soap is a great way to start using skin lightening products, it is gentler towards your skin, that a lot of others, which makes it one of the best soaps for dark skin.

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