The Latest Iro And Buba Styles In Nigeria 2017

The modern fashion often relies heavily on the traditional motifs. Nevertheless, new trends always add something new to the usual formula.

That’s why iro and buba styles are so popular – having come from the ages old traditions, they have a lot of space and possibilities for experimentation with their style.

Here are the latest iro and blouse styles just for you.

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1. Ankara Iro and Buba

Different fabrics have different textures, that’s why even the same outfits, made with different materials could look very different. In case of Ankara, they would also look different because of the glaring traditional designs and bright colors used.

This material makes these traditional clothes to look even more traditionally Nigerian, and still they certainly have their place in modern fashion.Ankara Iro and Buba dress dress Ankara Iro and Buba

2. Iro and buba lace styles

Cord lace iro and buba styles is a very light, delicate material with beautiful ornaments weaved with it. It has always been viewed as a very elegant and somewhat intimate fabric, and it definitely brings the same vibes to the outfits, made out of it.

There are different types of ornaments, that are used in lace attires, they might be really minute and you won’t even know it’s lace and they might be really large with floral patterns you’d be able to recognize from the other end of the room.Iro and buba lace dress cord lace iro and buba styles Iro and buba lace fashion

3. Chiffon iro and buba styles

Chiffon is another light fabric, that will bring spring feeling to your outfit, with an intriguing and playful tone to it. The floral ornaments are often a great addition to this tone and make it even more bright and fun.

There is a number of variation of this outfits, for example, the iro and buba can completely match to create the feel of one-piece dress or iro and buba styles can be completely separate, which could make for a stylish everyday outfit.Chiffon iro and buba dress Chiffon iro and buba Chiffon iro and buba style

4. Silk iro and buba styles

Silk is a very smooth, flowing material. Iro and buba, made out of silk, will almost certainly create a feel of one-piece dress, even if they’ll have different styles.

Water-like surface of the material will make a smooth transition between the pieces. Silk has eastern origins, so the use of oriental ornaments will create an amazing mixture of styles, that will certainly draw a lot of attention.Silk iro and buba styles Silk iro and buba dress Silk iro and buba styles

5. Aso oke iro and buba

This traditional Nigerian fabric is usually used for ceremonial attires, like wedding dresses. Aso oke has three traditional color patterns, but, with recent technologies, there are much more possibilities in styling of the outfits.

Iro and buba, made with aso oke, are the best way to pay respect to the traditions and, at the same time, make an amazing clothing choice for a once in a lifetime occasion.Aso oke iro and buba Aso oke iro and buba dress Aso oke iro and buba fashion

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