Pretty Ghana Braids For Everyone

Ghana braids are one of the oldest and most beloved hairstyles for natural hair, but even though that it’s more than 2000 years old, Ghana braid style is more popular than ever.

Today you can see women of all ages, as well as internationally famous celebrities, rocking all kinds of Ghana braid hairstyles. Find out more about this style and the best ways to wear your braids!

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1. What are Ghana braid styles?

Ghana weaving, also known as cornrows or pencil braids, is a hairstyle that dates back to 500 B.C., when it was first worn by African women.

Since then Ghana braids have gone through many transformations, and today Ghana braids styles 2016 can surprise anyone with how beautiful and intricate basic braids can look. There are hundreds of Ghana braids versions you can wear that all have different thickness, weaving styles, and ways you can style them.

Even the most eccentric latest Ghana braids can be easily incorporated into any everyday looks, including office wear.

Ghana braid styles

2. Latest Ghana braids hairstyle

If there is one thing that Ghana braids 2016 don’t lack, it’s diversity. In addition to simple regular-styled braids, now you can see all kinds of decorations worn with Ghana weaving, from flowers to wooden beads.

You can add colorful accents or weave in different-colored extensions for a trendy ombre look. The braids can be styled into one big braid for hot days, messy bun for running errands, and an elegant updo for formal occasions.

With a bit of fantasy and a few hair accessories you can change the way your braids look without going to a professional hairdresser.

Latest Ghana braids hairstyle

3. How to wear Ghana braids

The latest Ghana braids 2017 are already here, which means you can get some fresh ideas on how to weave and style your braids. These are five of our favorite looks with Ghana braids for 2017.

Banana cornrows

These braids differ in thickness: they start out at their thinnest, reach the thickest size on top of the head, and fall down the shoulders freely.

This type of braids can be easily styled into an updo or worn naturally.

Ghana braids

Fishbone braids

Fishbone Ghana braids take a lot of skill, but the result is totally worth it. If you have someone who can create this hairstyle for you, you’re in luck, because these braids can be worn for weeks, effortlessly enhancing your look.

Ghana braids

Braids with beads

In this hairstyle, a seemingly simple weaving is improved by beautiful golden beads.

You can wear beads in your braids all the time or leave this style for special occasions – in any case, the result will be truly stunning.

Assymetrical golden braids

This Ghana hairstyle incorporates the recent dual-color trend. You can do the same by either bleaching the lower parts of your hair before weaving it into braids, or using differently colored extensions.

Ghana braids

Blue highlights

If you’re aiming for an edgier look, you have several options, but adding colorful highlights into your Ghana braids is the most effective way to attract everyone’s attention to your hairstyle. Blue and purple hair is super trendy right now, so be sure not to miss this chance to upgrade your braids.

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