Why We Love Converse (And You Should, Too!)

This year Converse shoes are celebrating their 100th anniversary. Having launched in 1917, these sneakers have quickly achieved an iconic status and haven’t lost a bit of their popularity ever since. Today you can see Converse Chuck Taylors on women and men of all ages and social circles, as well as kids starting from a very young age. Find out what made Converse shoes so beloved in the world and how to wear them in any situation.

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1. 5 reasons why Converse are the best walking shoes


Originally designed as universally comfy shoes for sport, Converse feel very comfortable on your feet no matter what you’re doing or how long you’re walking. Many seasoned travelers pack at least one pair of Chuck Taylors if they’re planning long walking routes to help their feet survive the trip.


People who wear Converse shoes can spot each other from the distance and instantly feel a connection. Even though these sneakers can be worn with pretty much any outfit, they are still part of a very specific style, and that is why internationally famous singers and actors sport a pair of Converse from time to time.


If you’re looking for footwear that can go well with most of your wardrobe, consider getting a pair of Chuck Taylors. The only instance where you’d better opt for another style of shoes is a formal event, although various celebrities have been known to incorporate sneakers even into evening looks. Other than that, you have plenty of styles to choose from.


Compared to other famous sports footwear, Converse shoes are rather affordable and the price for them hasn’t gone dramatically up for years. Thanks to the affordable pricing, you can not stop at a single pair and get a pair of Converse in every color and style imaginable.


As truly reliable sports shoes, Converse footwear can go for years without you having to replace them with a new pair. Despite their reasonable price, Chuck Taylors are so neatly done and are made from such high quality materials that you can count on years of wearing your favorite pair with only minor repairs.

2. How to wear Converse shoes

As we’ve already said, Converse sneakers are one of the most versatile models of footwear that can potentially be worn with any kind of outfit. Here are a few ideas on how to successfully include Chuck Taylors into your everyday style.

As a color accent

Instead of pairing a neutral-colored pair of Converse with an equally neutral outfit, leave the outfit and replace the footwear with a pair of bright Converse shoes. The most popular options are blue, red, and green Converse, although there are hundreds of shades and designs to choose from.

With skinny jeans

One of the best looks for Converse sneakers, the one that hasn’t gone out of fashion for over a decade, is pairing them with skinny jeans. Your jeans can be any color, even pastel or neon, as long as they don’t exactly match the shoes and don’t clash with the shoe color.

With dresses and skirts

Your Converse sneakers look great not only with sporty outfits, but with girly and flirty as well! Try wearing your favorite Chuck Taylors with a short sundress, solid-colored and short sheath dress, or even with a pencil skirt paired with a denim shirt or loose-fitting T-shirt.

With a leather jacket

If you want to go for a little rock-and-roll chic, finish your leather jacket outfit with a pair of Converse sneakers. The rest of the outfit can be nearly whatever you want: from a playful summer dress with a floral pattern to ripped jeans and a white or grey vest.

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