Latest Lace Styles 2017 You Can’t Miss

Lace is one of the clothing materials that never gets old. Every year we see new collection featuring lace, and every lace clothing collection instantly becomes popular with Nigerian ladies.

The latest lace styles for the 2017 fashion season include all kinds of women’s clothing, from tops to gowns. See the trendiest lace material styles of the year and pick your new perfect outfit!

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1. Why should you choose lace?

As one of the most popular fashion materials in Nigeria, lace has a lot to offer to the ladies who prefer this style. The main reason for its popularity is, of course, its look: there are no other materials that would look so trendy, feminine, and sensual as lace.

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french lace styles

Another reason why many women go for Nigerian french lace styles is the high quality of lace clothing items. Unlike many other fabrics, where prints lose their coloring after a few washes and the fabric becomes stretched, lace holds its color and shape very well.

french lace styles

Finally, one more reason why lace is beloved by women all over Nigeria is the fact that it’s one of the most versatile clothing materials that looks appropriate in any setting. Wear a lace gown to your best friend’s wedding or a lace top to work and you’ll look impeccable every time!

2. Lace tops and bottoms

If you want to create a look that is both trendy and suitable for office or casual wear, try wearing either a lace top or a lace skirt.

Make sure they are properly lined, especially if you want to sport a lace outfit to work. Luckily, Nigerian lace styles include dozens of different tops and skirts for you to choose from.

Nigerian lace styles

nigerian lace styles

The newest Nigerian lace styles 2017 also include formal versions of separate lace outfit, which is especially great for women who love to experiment with their clothing. Get one lace blouse and you’ll be able to wear it with formal skirts for special occasions or trousers for a more casual look.

Nigerian lace styles 2017

3. Latest lace gown styles

Of course, the most popular type of lace clothing is still a lace gown. The flowing texture, the feminine silhouette, and the right level of formality make a lace dress the ideal choice for weddings, birthday parties, girls’ nights out, and other social events.

lace gown styles

lace gown styles

nigerian lace styles

nigerian lace styles

nigerian lace styles

The latest dry lace styles are represented in dozens of silhouette, although there are several types of lace dresses that are undeniably more beloved by women than the rest. This year you should consider buying one or several of the following lace gown types:

Color block dress

Color block is a clothing trend that requires two contrasting colors to be featured in one item. You can try an endless variety of combinations, but this crispy white and rich emerald is one of our favorites.

latest lace styles

Mermaid tail dress

A mermaid tail dress is a dress that closely fits your figure and has a fuller lower part. Mermaid dresses have been worn by celebrities on the red carpet for years, so you can’t go wrong with this gown, especially if it’s a beautiful combination of black and gold, like this one.

Peplum dress

Peplum is a very flattering dress silhouette and looks gorgeous on any figure. Many of the most recent lace short gown styles 2017 feature a peplum top as well, but if you want to take the classic route, choose a floor-length peplum gown.

lace short gown styles

lace short gown styles

lace short gown styles

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