Are Makari Products The Best For Dark Skin?

Macari de Suisse is a relatively young worldwide skincare brand. Although the main manufacturing facility of the company is situated in Switzerland, the brands’ name means “beautiful” in Swahili, which clearly indicates that Africa is the main product market.

And it is no wonder, as the company is famous for its Macari products for the dark skin. Their main feature is that they focus not only on skin whitening and reducing dark spots without hydroquinone but also on skin care and rejuvenation.

But do they do a good job? Here is a Macari products review, that will help you to find that out.

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1. Variety of products

As most of the makeup brands out there, Makari doesn’t specialize on only one item – they have a wide choice of remedies, which include, but not limited to whitening exfoliating soap, Makari body cream, different body and face lotions, Makari beauty whitening milk, exfoliating body washes, different bath products and many more.

Of course, most of them are made to make your skin lighter and brighter (after all, it made them famous in the first place). If you want to get the best effect possible, you should use at least two of them at the same time.Macari products for dark skin

2. Composition

Skin bleaching has always been considered a very dangerous procedure. Till this day, it often requires the use of hard chemicals.

Despite this, Makari skin whitening products are based on the natural substances. They are carefully measured in right proportions so that the likelihood of Makari products side effects is minuscules.

3. Effect

As for the most beauty products, Makari whitening substances have a different effect on different people. If you’d look at Makari soap reviews, you’ll see, that there are some mixed opinions about it. Some people complain, that, although the products work for them, they work too slow and require a lot of time.

Other praise it for the lack of side effects and less impact on skin, then from other mainstream whitening products. You should decide for yourself, which point of view is more suitable for you.

Makari products side effects

4. Side effects

As it was mentioned earlier, Makari soap side effects are much less likely to manifest, if you won’t abuse it. Still, as most of the products have exfoliating agents, in some cases of really sensitive skin they can cause a rash.

But a more dangerous side effect is an allergy, as these products are full of biologically active substances. Luckily, there is a very easy way to check, will it cause an allergy or just is it good for you.

You can get a free sample of the product from companies’ official site, you will only need to pay for the delivery.

5. Price

Most of the products’ cost vary from ₦12,000 to ₦18,000, which makes it pretty average in terms of skin whitening products.

So, if you want to minimize the probability of side effects and you’re ready to wait for the effect, then Makari products are for you!

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