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How To Tie Sego Gele: The Easiest Way!

The women and girls of Nigeria are used to trying their best to look in the most stylish way and be gorgeous for all kinds of occasions. Ethnic head wrap aka Sego headtie has always helped them to look amazing and it is still very common and trendy.

Do you want to know how to tie Sego gele in a few simple steps? Of course, you do! Then just read this article and find out!

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1. A few words about gele and necessary materials

The Nigerians need the head wrap to stay firmly on their head even if they dance all night long. That is why the fabric for the gele must be quite sturdy. In the past such fabric used to be imported but at present Yoruba people weave a special heavy fabric out of  cotton and silk mixture called “Aso Oke,” that is perfect for making gele.

This fabric is quite costly and is used mainly for special occasions. Besides Aso Oke, gele is made from Brocade (starched cotton), Damask and many others.

2. Steps on how to tie Sego gele

  • Take an appropriate piece of fabric. You don’t want it to be huge or tiny – it should be moderately-sized.

  • Fold the fabric in two so that one of its sides is a little longer than the other. Place it on your head making sure that your hair doesn’t fall out.

  • Take one end of the cloth and start wrapping it around your head with the other end still hanging loosely. Then it’s time to do the same for the other end.

  • Make sure you place the cloth really tight without letting anything sag down. Then tie a knot or even several tight knots using the ends of the gele.

  • The next step is very important. It consists of arranging the gele and this is quite challenging especially with your hands already exhausted. Simply give your hands a little rest.

  • The gele must start right on your hairline – try not to let it move any further.

  • After arranging it beautifully, you may start accessorizing and putting your makeup.

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3. Video tutorial on how to tie Sego headtie

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