Agbada Styles For Ladies

Nigerian fashion for ladies is full of items that used to belong strictly in the men’s wardrobe, but gradually made the transition to the female style. Female agbada styles are among those items, as thousands of Nigerian ladies proudly rock their agbada outfits.

Although there are general guidelines for agbada for women, there is a wide variety of styles you can successfully include in your daily wear. See the best and latest pictures of agbada for female right now!

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1. What is agbada for ladies?

Agbada is a traditionally male attire that has been worn by Nigerian men for centuries. However, in the past years, agbada style has been adopted by Nigerian women who love this fashionable and flattering style.

The most classic version of a female agbada gown consists of three parts:

  1. Sokoto, or trousers. Sokoto comes in two main varieties: kembe, which hit you around the knee and have a loose fit, and sooro, maxi-length trousers that fit your legs more precisely.
  2. Awosoke, or the outer robe.
  3. Awotele, or the undervest. There are two types of awotele known today: danshiki, which is sleeveless or has short sleeves, and buba, where you’ll find elbow-length sleeves.

Additionally, you can accessorize your agbada gown with a traditional hat called fila. Fila is not mandatory to wear, but its beautiful embroidery and detailing will definitely make you want to own at least one fila!

latest agbada style for ladies

female agbada gown

female agbada styles

2.  How to wear agbada styles for ladies?

Once you finally own your dream agbada outfit, the one that matches your preferences and fits you like a glove, you can go out and flaunt your new look! Here are the trendiest ways to rock the latest agbada style for ladies.

agbada styles for ladies

This outfit is missing the outer layer, awosoke, but it doesn’t look any less stylish thanks to the trendy stripe pattern and the gorgeous hair that serves as an accessory on its own.

agbada styles

Here you can see one of the classic agbada styles that have been significantly improved by the addition of the intricate embroidery on the front. The fiery red shade of the outfit, paired with matching shoes, adds to this outfit’s appeal.

agbada for ladies

This is one of the most traditional varieties of the agbada outfit you can find today. The slim trousers, short-sleeved undervest, and trendy brown color palette of this agbada style are elevated by the irresistible golden shoes, which really tie this outfit together.

agbada outfit

This fashionista made a pretty bold choice: she substituted the traditional awotele for a classic crisp white shirt. The skinny black trousers and the white pumps give this look a modern vibe, while the awosoke brings the outfit to its Nigerian roots.

3. Celebrities in agbada styles

Nigerian celebrities, who are always on the forefront of the national fashion, have always loved agbada styles. Year after year you can see the latest agbada designs on everyone’s favorite Nollywood stars.

Celebs use every occasion to sport their beloved agbada style. Whether it’s a movie premiere, a fashion photo shoot, or a family outing – agbada outfits are one of the most beloved styles of local famous ladies.

latest agbada designs

female agbada gown

agbada styles for ladies

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