Ankara Styles For Couples – Fashion For Two

There are many signs that you are in a loving and caring relationship, but dressing in a similar way to know that your partner is in this relationship for a long run. Dressing in matching outfits takes some effort, but the amazing result is totally worth it.

Nigerian couple outfits are constantly getting more popular as sweethearts find another way to showcase their love for each other and for the national Ankara style. Check out some of the best African traditional outfits for couples.

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1. Casual couple looks

Ankara is one of the most beloved fabrics for Nigerian ladies and men, which is why it’s not at all surprising that Ankara styles for couples 2017 are widely represented in everyday Nigerian fashion – the clothes that Nigerians wear to work, shopping, or going out in the city.

Women rock Ankara print in an endless variety of ways, from casual knee-length dresses to ripped jeans with an Ankara top. When styling Ankara for couples, it’s important to not leave the man behind: for example, men look exceptionally good in Ankara shirts and jackets, or even full-on Ankara looks for the men with the boldest fashion sense.

2. Couple Ankara designs for special occasions

Another common way to wear the Ankara print is for various special occasions like weddings, birthdays, corporate parties, and other events where you are expected to look sharp and trendy. In that situation, Nigerian couple outfits can get even more elaborate and sophisticated.

Men can incorporate Ankara into their outfits in any way imaginable: some guys go for Ankara suits that match their date’s dress, while others prefer to go the more subtle route by choosing an Ankara shirt or small but significant accessories like a square pocket, a bow tie, or a belt.

Ladies who love couple African designs usually choose beautiful gowns that can vary in shape and design, although mermaid, peplum, and ball gowns remain the most popular choices. Women can also play with accessories to complete their outfit and create an even more unified couple look.

3. Ankara styles for a family

When there’s only two of you, dressing in latest Ankara styles for couples is a lot of fun and a way to make your relationship stronger. But when there is a little one in your family, matching outfits become even more adorable and important – they are a proof of your family’s love for each other and the desire to do everything together.

There are hundreds of ways to use the same Ankara fabric in three different outfits. Of course, three outfits created solely with the same Ankara print will make the most lasting impression, but it doesn’t mean that the husband can’t rock a shirt with Ankara inserts while the wife and the daughter look dazzling in their Ankara gowns.

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