Ankara Trouser Styles For A Modern Lady

If you’re a true Nigerian fashionista, you’re definitely a big fan of the Ankara print and can’t get enough of this vibrant and pretty fabric. You likely own a dozen of Ankara items, from fabulous dresses to gorgeous jumpsuits.

Ankara trouser styles are another great way to spot your favorite Nigerian fashion trend. Ankara trousers look equally good at a wedding, in the office, or while running errands. Check out the latest and best Ankara trouser styles for ladies!

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1. Ankara trousers

Perhaps, the most accessible way to add some Ankara vibe into your wardrobe is to buy a pair of Ankara trousers or have them made for you by a tailor. You can get Ankara trousers in every shape and size possible, although straight-leg and flared trousers remain the most popular.

Finding a top to match your new Ankara trousers won’t be a problem at all. The Ankara print is very easy to combine with other fabrics, which is why you can wear them with anything, from a basic T-shirt to a stunning Ankara top with a different yet matching print.

ankara trouser styles

Ankara trousers

african ankara trouser styles

2. Ankara trousers and long blouse

A trousers+blouse pairing is one of the most traditional ones in Nigerian fashion, which is why it’s not surprising to think of the same pairing for Ankara trousers. A long blouse, which looks a lot like dashiki, can be a perfect match for skinny Ankara trousers.

Trousers and long blouse are one of the most versatile ways to wear the Ankara trouser and blouse: if you choose to wear them with sensible shoes and an everyday bag, you can easily rock this style in the office, while beautiful pumps and striking accessories turn it into an ideal evening outfit.

Ankara trousers and long blouse

Ankara trouser and blouse

3. Ankara trousers and peplum top

With the level of popularity, peplum tops currently enjoy, it’s no wonder that this trend already made its way into African Ankara trouser styles. It’s important to know that peplum tops are not only super trendy, but they’re also very flattering for all body shapes.

Peplum tops can be short or cover your hips; they can be worn with cropped or bootcut trousers, the sleeves on a peplum top can be short or long – there are so many styles to choose from that you can easily create the perfect pairing for your new Ankara trousers.

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Ankara trousers and peplum top

ankara trouser styles for ladies

4. Ankara trousers and jacket

One of the Ankara trouser and top styles that are guaranteed to become your favorite is a combination of matching Ankara trousers and jacket. The jacket can have a different length and either fully match the trousers or only have one color in common.

Underneath the Ankara jacket, you can wear all kinds of tops, but lace tops and basic shirts remain the most popular ones. Wear your Ankara trousers and jacket with a pair of gorgeous heels and effortlessly become the center of everyone’s attention!

Ankara trousers and jacket

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