Arewa Fashion Style: Heritage And Trends

Unlike many other nations, where trends come and go faster than we can imagine, Nigerian fashion is closely connected to the nation’s roots. No matter how cutting-edge a new clothing trend may seem, you can definitely trace it to the traditional Nigerian style.

Arewa fashion style is one of the best examples of the way Nigerians value their cultural heritage. Since it’s inseparably entwined with the Hausa tribe, it’s not surprising that Arewa fashion often resembles the widely adored Hausa sewing styles.

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1. Arewa fashion design

If you look at Arewa clothing popular with Nigerian ladies today, you will discover that although it can sometimes be mistaken for other famous local styles, it’s, in fact, a very different kind of clothes that can be easily recognized once you know what it looks like.

Nearly all of Arewa styles are maxi gowns – short Arewa dresses are a rarity. The silhouette of many Arewa gowns also follows the same standard: the majority of the dresses have a straight shape, and flare dresses are nearly impossible to find. Matan Arewa fashion also includes a lot of peplum dresses, as this silhouette is universally beloved by Nigerian women.

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arewa fashion style

Arewa fashion design

arewa atamfa styles

2. Arewa Atamfa styles

Atamfa is a special type of cotton fabric that most Arewa dresses are made of. Atamfa is a highly recognizable fabric since its vibrant prints and appealing color combinations make for very pretty and flattering dresses.

Atamfa is available in the form of fabric cuts, so if you’re good at sewing or have a good tailor, and know exactly what kind of dress you want, you can easily find the Atamfa cut that looks exactly like your dream. Atamfa fabrics are also very easy to combine so you can create an even more unique outfit with little effort.

Arewa dresses

arewa fashion beauty

matan arewa fashion

3. Arewa fashion beauty

Arewa fashion is not only rich in all kinds of dresses but also has some very distinctive beauty traditions. One of those traditions is the intricate drawings performed on the body.

Most commonly these drawings are created for weddings and other special events, as they take hours to be completed due to their sophisticated design and thin patterns.

Arewa fashion beauty

4. Other Arewa designs

Even though gowns take up the biggest part of Arewa fashion, there are many more designs to get if you’re a fan of this style. Arewa fashion is also represented by tops, skirts, headscarves, and other items that we wear every day. With the help of the various Arewa styles, you can create a wardrobe full of the trendy and historically significant Arewa fashion.

Arewa designs

hausa sewing styles

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