Top 20 Atiku Styles For Men

No matter how quickly trends are changing in today’s Nigerian fashion for men, some things remain popular for decades and even centuries. One of the staples of men’s fashion in Nigeria is the Atiku material that is widely used for creating stylish clothing.

At first glance, all Atiku material styles for men look similar, but a closer look reveals that every Atiku outfit is different thanks to the use of various colors, shapes, and accessories. Check out the best ways to rock Atiku native style!

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1. What is Atiku?

Although Atiku material is as popular as Ankara fabric in Nigeria, it’s not difficult to notice the biggest different between the two materials: while Ankara always features dozens of colors and vibrant prints, Atiku is much more understated and usually features just one prominent shade.

Atiku fabric styles also closely resemble the agbada style and consist of trousers and a shirt, which can have long or short sleeves depending on the occasion and your taste in clothing. A big part of the Atiku look is the various accessories you can choose to complete the outfit.

atiku styles for men

Atiku fabric styles

2. Neutral-colored Atiku

When it comes to Atiku fabric design, men’s preferences in clothing are not as colorful as women’s, which results in the fact that the majority of Atiku outfits are based around one of the neutral colors: black, white, off-white, gray, and brown.

Wearing neutral-colored Atiku styles for men doesn’t mean your whole look needs to be boring – in fact, there are many ways to spice up even the plainest Atiku outfit. The most popular decorations include embroidery and beads, as well as different-colored fabric accents on the shirt.

Neutral-colored atiku

3. Bright-colored Atiku

Even though neutral-colored shades take the first spot in popularity among Nigerian men, Atiku outfits that are full of color also have a fair share of fans. If you want to sport a colorful Atiku cloth style for men, there are plenty of shades to choose from.

Burgundy, navy blue, sky blue, and purple are the most commonly used colors for creating Atiku styles, but if you love a different color and want to incorporate it into your new Atiku outfit, there are virtually no limits – there are Atiku styles that feature hot pink, gold, and other lively shades.

Bright-colored atiku

4. Accessories for an Atiku look

Nigerian men are true pros when it comes to accessorizing their outfits, and Atiku looks are no exception. Accessories are the most efficient way of bringing the entire outfit to another level or adding a colorful accent to an otherwise plain-looking Atiku suit.

If you want to spice up your Atiku look with a stylish accessory, you can pick your ideal one from a variety of hats, caps, sunglasses, coral beads, wristbands, rings, and walking sticks. These accessories will keep your outfit from appearing boring and will also look awesome in photos!

Accessories for an atiku look

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