Bridal Shower Games Ideas In Nigeria: The Top 5 List

The western tradition of organizing a bridal shower has become quite a staple before weddings in Nigeria since brides all over the world like to have fun during bridal shower games.

It is normally the maid-of-honor who is appointed responsible for organizing the whole thing and inventing the games and overall schedule for the day.

So if you are a maid-of-honor searching for bridal shower game ideas for the party of your lives, simply read this list of top-5 bridal shower games to organize a real day to remember!

bridal shower games

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1. Don’t say these words!

This is one of the greatest and funniest bridal shower games in Nigeria.

You will need to write a list of commonplace wedding-themed words or exclamations (e.g. groom, bouquet, dress, “Aww!”) that are going to be a taboo at the party.

Each guest is given a charm bracelet with the list of banned expressions and the rules of the game: if they hear anybody say any word from that list during the party, they are entitled to take the bracelet off that girl.

The girl with the largest number of bracelets wins those bracelets and a special prize!

2. I have never…

This is one of the funniest bridal shower ideas and this is normally a drinking game. Drinking relaxes people for the game to be really smooth and easy.

The rules are as follows: everybody has to complete the phrase “I have never…” and say the truth. If anybody who has personally done what the girl confessed has to drink. You can find out a lot about your guests!

3. Bride’s Life Quiz

Include this quiz game to your bridal shower planning to engage all the guests.

Create trivia cards in advance and ask the guests questions like – “When did the bride learn to ride a bike?” or “What is her cat’s name?”.

The winner is the guest with most correctly answered questions. He or she should get a prize!

4. A gift for the groom

This hilarious activity consists in asking all the guests to write advice for the groom on a pair of snow-white men’s briefs.

This could be some funny dirty advice or you could choose any other topic. Then the bride has to wear these briefs until the end of the party. The guests could also make some hand prints on these whities indicating the places where the bride has to touch the groom.

This underwear then becomes a honeymoon souvenir for the couple.

5. As long as the ribbons last

Bridal shower party ideas would be incomplete without this sweet activity. You will need a ball of ribbon to play it.

Each guest is asked to cut for themselves a piece of ribbon. You should ask them to cut as much as they need but don’t say for what. Afterwards tell them to keep talking about themselves until that piece of ribbon is fully wrapped around their finger.

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