Children’s Day in Nigeria

It doesn’t matter how old a person is, everyone is looking forward to the 1st of June, the first day of summer. It is not a surprise to find out that this joyful day was proclaimed Children’s Day by the World Conference of Well-being of Children back in 1925. Since then, Children’s Day is followed by celebrations all over the world.

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childrens day nigeria

To promote the welfare of the young generation, government, public and private organizations hold various educational and entertaining events. These festivities are aimed to raise the awareness about problems kids all over the world have to struggle with, about their rights and benefits.

In Nigeria, children get even more attention. Celebrations devoted to them take place twice in a week: the 27th of May is a day dedicated to celebrating childhood. As a rule, it is a day off in all educational establishments. Instead of one more day of studying, the government provides platforms for communication, interaction, and mutual understanding among youngsters.

Children’s Day celebration combines the best of education and entertainment. It starts with competitive march-parts in open fields with government officials to acknowledge their salute and slowly flows into the President spending time with kids from schools and orphanages, sports competitions, concerts, and ice cream.

Children’s Day in Nigeria 2017, as always, reminded how important the period of growing up is. The holiday was established in May 1964 and remains one of the favorite days among Primary and Secondary school pupils. Though only some are chosen to participate in the parade, it is the event no one wants to miss. Children are often provided with an opportunity to do some interesting jobs adults normally do.

The holiday is widely covered in media, for this day is an excellent opportunity to raise the awareness to important issues, which are often left without proper attention. Children’s day creates the beneficial background for the implementation of new strategies and policies, and educational innovations.

So if you still want to ask about when is children’s day celebrated in Nigeria, do not pick only one date. Children are the future of our country. For many, life is difficult for different reasons. The least we can do is celebrate something good and positive from time to time – with interesting education, useful entertainment, and studies.

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