How To Cut Six Pieces Blouse – DYI For The Most Stylish Outfit

Making clothes by yourself is a great experience in many ways. Firstly, after you’re done, you will get a unique piece of clothing that will have the style you want. Secondly, you will feel like you’ve achieved something and you will definitely not regret spending the time doing it.

Lastly, you will develop your skill and later you’ll be able to make even more clothing that are more stylish and more difficult to make. Six pieces skirt tutorial is a great way to start your cutting and sewing experience, but once you know, how to cut six pieces skirt, it is time for you to move on to something new.

This tutorial will help you to learn, how to cut and sew Nigerian blouses with ease.

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This DYI is focused on how to cut peplum blouse and how to cut a flared blouse – one of the simplest to make, yet one of the most stylish and fashionable tops right now. However, you can modify this tutorial and use it to make similar blouses, which have different traits.

1. Materials you’ll need

This is what you’re going to need to start making your stylish blouse:

  • patterns for your blouse – make them out of paper or cardboard according to your measurements
  • fabric – you can use such types of fabric, as Ankara, chiffon or simple textile with any pattern you like
  • pencil or chalk
  • sewing machine or needles and threadsHow To Cut Six Pieces Blouse

2. Measurements for the pattern

To make your pattern correctly and not to have a loose or tight blouse, you have to take some measurements. Here’s what you’ll need to know how to cut a blouse:

  • waist circumference
  • shoulder circumference
  • arm circumference (for the sleeves)

3. How to cut a blouse

If you know how to cut 6 pieces skirt, then blouse cutting won’t be a problem for you. Remember to iron the fabric before cutting it. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to cut six pieces blouse:

  • Make the patterns for the main parts of the blouse.
  • Fold the fabric and lead round the pattern on it
  • Cut the back and front parts of your blouse
  • Unfold the fabric and trace the patterns for sleeves
  • Cut out the pieces that will be used for sleeves
  • You can stop there if you want to learn, how to make a padded blouse. If you want to make the peplum blouse, trace the half-circle piece of fabric for a peplum. The inner radius of the half-circle will equate to the length of the waist of the blouse divided by 3.14. Outer radius should be the inner radius plus the length you want your peplum to be.How to cut a blouse

4. How to sew a blouse

If you’ve already learned, how to cut a blouse, it’s time to finish the task by sewing it together. Remember to sew them from the inside to make seams not so visible This is the order you need to do it in:

  • Sew together front and back. Hem the neckline of the blouse.
  • Sew different parts of a sleeve together, then sew sleeves to the blouse. Hem the ends of the sleeves.
  • Sew the peplum to the bottom of the blouse. Hem the bottom of the peplum.How to sew a blouse

If you want to know, how to cut and sew a padded blouse, the procedure and the order is basically the same, you’ll just need to sew pads to the front of the blouse (usually before sewing the sleeves).

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