Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria: Summary 2017

If your goal is to make it to the top, you should take the choice of a profession really seriously. There are a lot of highest paying jobs in Nigeria, so simply spend some time checking out which professions will make you rich and successful!

The best paying jobs in Nigeria will allow you to live the life of your dreams and even save for your kids’ education!

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1. Nollywood employees are among the top paying jobs in Nigeria!

Average salary: up to ₦120-150 million

At the moment Nollywood industry provides one of the best-paid jobs in Nigeria. This industry combines several studios in Nigeria offering salaries of about 120-150 million a year.

Nigerians produce the biggest number of movies in the world – an incredible 1200 every year! These movies are mostly about love, prostitution, warlocks and corruption.

2. Aeronautic Engineers

Average salary: up to ₦11 million

Aeronautical engineers are occupied in the field of the aircraft technology maintenance. This is a highly responsible job because they are in charge of all the nation’s aircraft safety.

So their salary is quite decent – up to ₦11 million.

3. Nigeria best jobs in the sphere of Law

Average income: up to ₦40,000

Nigerians always advise their kids to opt for a law career because of the stability this job offers. However, mastering this profession will require a considerable amount of commitment and patience.

The reward is quite high, though – from ₦40,000.

4. The most recent federal government job in Nigeria

Average salary: ₦18,000 – ₦65,041,75

Are you interested in highest paying federal government jobs in Nigeria? In this case, opt for an Administrative Officer or an Executive Secretary Among other options is CEO, Head of Internal Audit, Head of Corporate Services, and Chief Economist.

Provided you have obtained all the necessary credentials, you’ll definitely make it to the top!

Let’s take a closer look at the salary structure in this sphere:

Grade Level (GL) 04 Step (S) 1 receives an annual salary of ₦242,994 while officers at the top positions of the Public Service on GL 17 – S1 earn ₦4,183,600 per year.

Consequently, a recent school grad will make about ₦20,249 while a top manager in the Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) will earn ₦348,633. A university grad employed in Federal Civil Service on GL 07 – S 01 will make ₦43,163.75 monthly.

The lowest paid level is GL 01 S 1 with the salary of ₦18,900 per month.

5. Clergy industry

Average salary: up to ₦5 million

Being a priest pays well in Nigeria because Nigerians want the pastors to solve problems for them. Nigerians are generous with their priests and they also believe in miracles coming from prayers.

A charismatic beginning priest in this circle earns up to ₦5 million and a priest with experience will make about 45 million.

6. Highest paying online jobs in Nigeria

Since the Internet became widespread, a real pro doesn’t really need an office. There are the following online jobs to choose from:

  • Translator;
  • Graphic Designer;
  • Virtual Assistant;
  • Seo Consultant;
  • Websites Developer;
  • Sales Representative;
  • Social Media Analyst;
  • Youtube Vlogger;
  • Affiliate Marketing;
  • Interview Transcriber;
  • PR Specialist;
  • Travel Agent.

If you want to be employed by a decently large company offering a high-paying job, check out the list below.

highest paying jobs in nigeria

7. Top paying companies in Nigeria

  • SPDC (Shell) – oil & gas Industry;
  • Chevron – oil & gas Industry;
  • NNPC – oil & gas Industry;
  • Total – oil & gas Industry;
  • MTN – telecommunications;
  • Nestle Nigeria – FCMG;
  • Dangote – FCMG;
  • Nigerian Civil Service – government jobs;
  • Nigeria Breweries – FCMG.

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