30 Latest Guinea Style 2017-2018: Essential Trends

Guinea is a very special style of female clothing. It’s very recognizable – the fabric, the pattern, and the shape of the clothes let you instantly spot Guinea styles from a distance. This style can be successfully worn on any occasion, but different formal occasions are where Guinea truly shines.

If you want to rock some latest Guinea style, but can’t make up your mind over which item of clothing to choose, check out some ideas below!

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1. Guinea gowns

Without a doubt, Guinea gown style is the most popular way to wear this popular fabric. Luckily for fashionistas all around Nigeria, your choice of a Guinea dress is absolutely unlimited, and you can pick any style that matches the occasion, fits your appearance, and suits your body shape.

Floor-length Guinea gowns are beloved by women of all ages. They are exquisite, flattering, and can be worn all year round. Maxi Guinea styles for ladies are also a very popular choice for weddings and other social events because they have just the right amount of sophistication.

Shorter Guinea brocade female styles are a common way to rock your favorite fabric. This style is especially loved by younger ladies, although you can see a knee-length flared or pencil dresses on ladies of different ages, united by their love for Guinea clothing.

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Guinea gown style

 Guinea brocade female styles

Guinea styles for ladies

2. Guinea separates

Another widespread type of Guinea brocade Nigerian styles is a suit, normally made from a Guinea top, usually a blouse, and a skirt. The biggest benefit of this outfit is that you can wear it both as a suit and as separates, creating an endless number of stylish looks.

Among all ways to wear a Guinea top we especially love pairing it with a black pencil skirt for an everyday office look and your favorite pair of jeans for a more casual outfit. However, you can also find a suitable bottom for the Guinea top among the different Ankara and lace skirts.

If you’re looking for ways to flaunt your Guinea brocade skirt, try pairing it with a white or black lace tops – these items go well with nearly anything. Throw a dressy blazer over your outfit to easily add chic to your look and transform it into a perfect outfit for a night out!

Guinea separates

Guinea separates

3. Guinea styles for men

Although Nigerian fashion has numerous attractive latest Guinea styles for ladies, men aren’t left behind either – there are plenty of ways for men to add a dash of Guinea to their everyday or special looks.

The most common variety of men’s Guinea style is a suit. The two pieces of the suit can be an absolute match or be united by one theme yet look slightly different – in any case, you’ll look trendy and handsome in your new Guinea outfit!

Guinea styles for men

Guinea men styles

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