Latest Kente Styles That Will Definitely Be Trendy This Year

Kente is a Ghanaian type of fabric, which bears some similarities to the Nigerian Ankara – it has traditional bright and colorful ornaments and it can be used to make any type of clothes.

But visually it’s definitely different, as both of them represent their own, unique culture. Furthermore, Kente is traditionally handwoven, which makes the fabric much more reliable and long-living. Let’s take a look at the best and latest Kente styles that you’ll totally want to try.

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Ghana Kente styles apply to any type of clothing you want; here are a few of the most popular ones:

1. Kente dresses and skirts

As women are noticeably more involved in fashion, Kente styles dresses are the most popular use of Kente out there. These outfits work great both as Kente styles for occasions and for regular everyday life, it mostly depends on the type of the dress or skirt.

Kente fabric usually has symmetrical geometrical patterns, so you should be careful when choosing one – if the ornament does not look right, it can ruin the whole style.latest Kente styles Kente styles for occasions Kente styles dresses

2. Kente wedding dresses

These Kente styles deserve a special mention, as a wedding is one of the most important occasions in a person’s life, that’s why wedding dresses always look extra nice.

Kente styles for traditional marriage can consist of Kente skirt and bright decorated blouse or full Kente dress. Traditional accessories, like bracelets and necklaces, are often used to add some more African vibes.Kente styles for traditional marriage Kente wedding dresses

3. Kente shirts and pants

Although it seems that this section refers to the man fashion, it’s not – Kente pants suit women very well, too.

You can wear a combination of blouse and Kente skirt or pants to create a really strong business-women look, or you can find more casual variations, like Kente T-shirt with simple jeans. Either way, you will look great with national motifs in your outfit.Kente shirts and pants Kente shirts and pants

4. Kente men fashion

Kente style works great for male clothes, too. There are long shirts with Kente collars, Kente jackets, and blazers, even Kente trousers and shorts.

Most of traditional Ghana outfits for men look pretty reserved, that’s why they are better worn for a special occasion. If you want to make a more casual look, combine Kente pants or shorts with a simple T-shirt.Kente men fashion Kente men style

5. Kente traditional cloth wrap

This type of traditional men clothes is an analog to the wedding dress for women – it is worn very rarely and mainly for special occasions. It is a massive piece of cloth that you should wrap around your whole body.

There are only a few ways to do it for it not to fall from your shoulders and for you not to feel too uncomfortable.Kente traditional cloth wrap

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