Mercy Aigbe Latest Ankara Style

With the overwhelming popularity Ankara styles currently enjoy, it’s not surprising that top Nigerian celebrities are also big fans of this bold and attractive pattern. Mercy Aigbe, who is best known for starring in many iconic Yoruba movies, is an avid Ankara lover.

We all look up to our favorite celebrities for style inspiration, so if you want to find new ideas about how to wear Ankara, check out the latest Mercy Aigbe best ankara styles.

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1. Ankara top

Mercy surely knows how to work the trendy loose-fitting trousers! This Mercy Aigbe latest style demonstrates her ability to smartly mix different shapes: she chose to pair her emerald trousers with a vibrant Ankara top that also has a loose fit.

Mercy Aigbe latest style

2. Maxi dress

We don’t know for sure what the occasion for this Mercy Aigbe latest Ankara style was, but what we definitely know is that Mercy was the best-dressed one here! In this dress Mercy Aigbe uses only a small piece of Ankara fabric, but it works really well against the solemn black of this stunning gown.

Mercy Aigbe latest Ankara style

3. Crop top

Crop top has been a fashion mainstay for several seasons now, and our favorite actress beautifully incorporated this trend in one of her Mercy Aigbe Ankara styles. Here a crochet white top and a navy knee-length skirt are accessorized with a striking golden statement necklace.

Mercy Aigbe Ankara styles

4. Jumpsuit

When it comes to casual wardrobe, Mercy Aigbe fashion style takes the cake. The actress loves Ankara-inspired casual looks – for example, this fun jumpsuit. Its flattering silhouette, unusual coloring, and the splash of red in the form of the shoes and the clutch are the best things about this outfit.

Mercy Aigbe fashion style

5. Aso Ebi

Although Mercy knows everything about casual looks, her outfits for special occasions are pretty great too. One of the Mercy Aigbe Ankara styles 2017 is this gorgeous Aso Ebi that she clearly wore to some important event. We especially love the tiny sparky clutch she chose to finish the look.

Mercy Aigbe aso ebi style

6. Green sequins

A true fashionista knows that there is no such thing as “too much sparkle”, and this forest green dress sported by Mercy is the best proof there can be. In one of the most alluring Mercy Aigbe Gentry Ankara styles she’s wearing a luxurious dress with an unusual neckline and a regal train.

Mercy Aigbe Gentry Ankara styles

7. Peplum top

Another casual look from Mercy features a tight black knee-length pencil skirt and an eye-catching Ankara peplum top with oversized shoulders. There’s no doubt that any silhouette will work on Mercy’s flawless shape, but a peplum to is one of the best things any body type can wear.

Ankara peplum top

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