Richest Actress In Nigeria: The Top 7

As one of the most diverse and quickly developing film industries in the world, Nollywood has given Nigeria hundreds of accomplished, beautiful, and wealthy actresses. However, some of the actresses are clearly more financially successful than the others.

Today Nollywood stars boast a net worth of hundreds of millions nairas each. Find out who is the richest actress in Nigeria right now!

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7. Patience Ozokwor

Net worth: 370 million

Patience Ozokwor is not only the seventh richest Nigerian actress 2016, but she’s one of the most successful one in terms of awards, having won numerous accolades for her work in Nollywood. In addition to being a respected actress, Patience has also several side businesses, including a fashion store and a music career.

Patience Ozokwor

6. Danielle Okeke

Net worth: ₦390 million

Dainelle Okeke, who may soon become the richest female actress in Nigeria, currently holds the sixth spot. Despite being only 30 years old, Danielle has starred in dozens of critically praised movies that were also a success at the box office. Danielle Okeke is not only an actress but also a valuable figure in the entertainment industry as the head of Dcovi Entertainment Company.

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Danielle Okeke

5. Ini Edo

Net worth: ₦440 million

Despite having started her entertainment career not long ago, Ini Edo has starred in more than 200 hundred movies to date, which is much more than the average richest actress in Nigeria can include in her portfolio. Unlike many other celebrities, Ini Edo is not afraid to showcase your wealth, having bought a luxury Lekki mansion and a Mercedes Benz G-Class just last year.

Ini Edo

4. Omotola Ekeyinde

Net worth: ₦520 million

Despite not being the richest celebrity in Nigeria yet, Omotola Ekeyinde, who is affectionately referred to by fans as simply Omotola, is definitely one of the most admired ones. Omotola’s catalog of movies includes huge box office hits and films we all know and love. In addition to this, Omotola is also known as one of the prettiest Nigerian celebrities.

Omotola Ekeyinde

3. Mercy Johnson

Net worth: ₦580 million

Mercy Johnson comes from the Kogi state, which is not exactly known for producing famous actors and actresses, but this fact didn’t prevent Mercy from becoming one of the most recognized celebrities in Nigeria today. Even though her acting career is still developing, Mercy Johnson has already won numerous prestigious acting awards.

Mercy Johnson

2. Genevieve Nnaji

Net worth: ₦800 million

Genevieve is equally famous for her acting talent and her stunning looks. Both of these qualities have earned her a spot in the list of the most beloved and richest actresses in Nigeria. However, Genevieve’s wealth comes not only from acting – she has secured a number of lucrative deals for representing various brands, which is a very well-paying job.

Genevieve Nnaji

1. Rita Dominic

Net worth: ₦950 million

If you’re a fan of Nollywood, you’re probably not surprised to see that Rita Dominic is the richest Nollywood actress these days. Rita Dominic comes from an established family, which means she could have been financially secured for life. However, she chose to have her own successful career, having starred in over 100 critically acclaimed and high-grossing movies.

Rita Dominic

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