How to sell items using the Jiji App – Infographic

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  • Weekly updates to keep up with the latest trends.

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How to sell items using the Jiji App infographic

There is no lack in reasons to start using Jiji App.

  • It is availbale for free.
  • Installation is quick and effortless.
  • Minimun advertising or annoying popups.
  • It occupies only 3MB.
  • 1 MB of the Internet needs to be spent for placement goods.
  • It does not interfere with overall functionality.
  • Lots of filters for convenient search.
  • Save searching history and items you opened, so nothing will get lost.
  • Safety, security, and privacy are guaranteed thanks to the advanced scammer monitoring system and excellent work of Support Team.
  1.   Registration 

  •         Become a user of Jiji App – download it from Play Market.
  •         Open the app and login into your account.
  •         If you don’t have one yet, register or sign in with Facebook.
  •         Fill in all required contact information, so a buyer can contact you easily.
  1.   Selling

  •         Click on “Sell” to post an ad.
  •         Enter the title of your item. Provide detailed description (minimum 8 words), so buyers               can get full information about an item.
  •         Choose a category your item belongs to. Indicate your region. 
  •         Upload some photos of an item.
  •         Choose your price, just don’t forget to be reasonable.
  •         Click on “Post” and wait for calls from buyers.
  1.   Successful sale 

  •         Be ready to answer all questions.
  •         Arrange a meeting to make a deal.
  •         With boost plans and tariffs offered by Jiji, watch the sales start growing immediately.
  •         Turn Jiji online shopping into business – post ads and sell things you do not need.
  •         Enjoy!

Install Jiji App to experience the best of online marketplace.