Yoruba Herbs For Fertility: Top Helpful Remedies

Fertility is one of the most sensitive subjects for hundreds of Nigerian couples who have trouble conceiving, suffer from miscarriages, and have various disorders preventing them from bringing a baby into the world.

Yoruba culture has lots of recipes and secrets for treating all kinds of conditions, which is why it’s not surprising that there are plenty of Yoruba herbs for fertility known today. Find out which herbs will quickly and efficiently boost your fertility!

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1. Scent leaf and fertility

Scent leaf, which is known as Ocimum Gratissimum internationally and Nchanwu leaf by Yoruba people, is a very powerful herb whose healing abilities are known far outside of Nigeria. Before using scent leaf, make sure you’ve got the medical kind – it should have a distinctively sharp flavor and taste.

The most important way for scent leaf to help with infertility problems is to boost the sperm vitality. If that’s the problem that keeps you from getting pregnant, add a daily dose of scent leaf to the man’s menu to see the results.

2. Wonderful kola and fertility

Wonderful kola, which is also referred to as Hydrocotyle asiata or memory nut, is another popular Yoruba remedy for fighting various cardiovascular conditions and improving a person’s learning ability and memory. However, the most valuable property of wonderful kola may be its ability to cure infertility.

Wonderful kola has shown a positive result on male impotency under the condition that you take cola nut-infused water every day. Women who suffer from an irregular menstrual cycle can prepare a mixture of wonderful kola slices, ground ginger, and lime juice – the more regular your cycle becomes thanks to wonderful kola, the higher your chances of conceiving will be.

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3. Other Yoruba herbs that boost fertility

With the help of traditional Nigerian herbs fertility has been known to improve significantly, so if you’ve already tried everything to conceive, or you want to try some natural remedies before resorting to medication, here are a few other herbs for fertility you can use.

1. Ginger

In case you have a heavy menstrual flow, it may be a sign of certain problems with your fertility system. In this situation, regular use of ginger can help you regulate the flow and feel better during that time of the month. Add fresh grated ginger to dishes while cooking or throw a dash of dried ginger into your cup of tea in the morning.

2. Newbouldia laevis

Newbouldia laevis, which is also known as the Boundary tree or the Fertility plant in Nigeria, is one of the most commonly used fertility remedies throughout the country. As it’s clear from its name, the Fertility plant is able to help with all kinds of reproductive problems, although infertility is the main reason for Nigerian women to start using this plant.

3. Citrullus lanatus

Citrullus lanatus, or Wild watermelon, is another Yoruba herb that can help you with an irregular menstrual cycle or any issues with the menstruation, like heavy flow or cramps. Citrullus lanatus also greatly improves your reproductive health in the most natural way.

4. Maca root

A widely known healing plant in Nigeria, Maca root is also a vital herb for fertility issues. The biggest effect of Maca root on the reproductive system is balancing the hormonal levels, which can maximize your chances of conceiving and help reduce the symptoms of endometriosis.

5. White peony

Ladies who want to conceive but have irregular hormone levels, e.g. low progesterone and high testosterone, will surely benefit from adding white peony to their herb treatment routine. Besides improving hormone levels, white peony also eliminates pain and cramps, promoting relaxation of the pelvic area.

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