50 Agbada Embroidery Designs You Should Try in 2017

Nigerian culture is beautiful, unique and vibrant, it has a lot of aspects and there are lots of traditional styles and fashion elements that still work really well in modern society. One of the examples of such a fashionable traditional clothing is Agbada.

Agbada is a traditional Yoruba robe that is nowadays is widely used as a business and/or festive clothes. What makes it stand out from other types of clothing are Agbada embroidery designs. There are different styles of these Nigerian embroidery designs so you can choose a particular style that you like and that suits you. To help you with this task, here are the latest Agbada designs you’ll love.

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1. Same colored Agbada and embroidery

Making the Agbada embroidery to be the same color as the robe itself makes it less obvious and notable. This style of decoration works the best for a formal type of clothing and occasion. This African Agbada embroidery is very subtle and restrained, yet elegant and adds a certain soul to your outfit.Agbada and embroidery agbada styles agbada design latest agbada style for guys

agbada styles for men

agbada wears

agbada style for men

different designs of agbada

2. Golden embroidery

From the restrained style of fun and expressive one. These latest Agbada designs work with almost any color of the robe itself, from white ones (great stylistic combination) to purple ones (creates a very original and memorable style). It works great if you want your clothes to be a representation of your wealth and status.Golden embroidery

3. Geometrical designs

Geometrical designs have always been popular in traditional clothing as well as modern outfits. Squares, rectangles, triangles, and circles often make minimalistic designs, which marks the latest fashion in Agbada styles for men. Repetitive patterns are also really popular, they create a whole ornament that looks fantastic.Geometrical designs

4. Wide embroidery

To maximize the area that is covered in embroidery, they are often made wider and longer. Sometimes the designs are wide as shoulders and come down to the waist. These designs are usually really elaborated and they will really attract the attention of everyone nearby.Wide embroidery trendy agbada styles white agbada designs

5. Female Agbada styles

Women now wear Agbada, too, and their styles are usually more bright and colorful than the men’s version. Nigerian embroidery dresses for women are sure much more expressional, as women are not afraid to make bold fashion statements with their outfits.Nigerian embroidery dresses

Female Agbada styles

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