Ankara Shorts Styles: Hips Don’t Lie!

Ankara is known as a highly versatile fabric suitable both for the whole look (top and bottom) and for elements or accessories for your clothes. It is also an amazing material for Ankara shorts.

Ankara makes your sexy shorts look especially passionate and free-spirited. Wear your ultra-fashionable African print shorts to rock playfulness and luxury at the same time.

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1. African shorts of Ankara: most popular styles

There are plenty of styles to choose from: Ankara high waist shorts, tight, loose-fitting, with sexy pleats, slouchy, etc.

Tight-fitting Ankara shorts should be worn with tops and blazers while loose Ankara shorts look best with a top to match.

They can also be a little flared or laced. Sometimes even mismatching parts of the outfit will look incredibly stylish – there’s no limit to your creativeness!

Choose the comfortable length yourself – you can opt for ankle grazing shorts or very short ones if your butt is really yummy.

Choose Ankara shorts styles that are ideal for your body type and overall image – and create your own unique look!

Ankara high waist shorts

2. Ankara shorts for ladies: how to wear

Ankara bum shorts can be dressed up or down depending on what you wear them with. Check out these 4 easy ways to style your Ankara shorts:

  • Ankara shorts and tops – is the most common choice. Simply choose a matching blouse or a shirt.
  • Put on a matching blazer and a shirt or a top underneath made from a different type of fabric.
  • Style Ankara shorts with any shirt you like and simply throw on a jacket.
  • You could also wear your vintage Ankara shorts with a cropped top for a more casual feel.

Don’t forget about quality heels or flat shoes and a matching bag.

Ankara bum shorts

3. Ankara shorts: best examples

Here you will find curious combinations of Ankara shorts worn by famous models, actresses and other celebrities. Take a look and get inspired!

3.1. Lupita Nyongo

Here Lupita Nyongo was caught wearing Ankara clothing in yellow shades. She styled them with a mustard turtleneck blouse and accessorized with triangle shaped earrings and spiral gold ring. She rocked gorgeously!

3.2. Pleated flow

This outfit consists of Ankara shorts and a matching Ankara pleated top. Gold cuffs were chosen as accessories for this simple yet refined look.

3.3. Retro

For a retro look wear your Ankara print short sleeved playsuit with white round framed sunglasses and white pumps. Do not forget about a boho hairstyle.

3.4. Blue and pink blend

These Ankara shorts in blue, pink should be styled with Ankara print wrap blouse and a black waist belt and gold bangles to complete the look. Don’t forget about a bright lipstick.

3.5. Brown

These brown Ankara print shorts could be easily made from classic Ankara trousers. They must be styled with a matching peplum brown blouse. Complement the look with a blue tiger print platform shoes and some golden accessories.

3.6. Short suit

These amazing Ankara prints are worn with a matching pink-lined Ankara print shoulder padded suit.

Hot Ankara Bum Shorts Styles For Sexy Ladies

Hot Ankara Bum Shorts Styles For Sexy Ladies – Find the Best Collections of Latest Ankara Shorts Styles and Design You Can Rock On Friday Night, At Club or A Date with Your Man.

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