The Best Bridal Reception Dresses For Your Wedding

Many brides give up on their comfort to look fabulous during this important occasion in their life. However, when the official ceremony ends, it is now almost a tradition of its own for brides to change into somewhat more comfortable, yet not any less gorgeous second dress for the wedding reception. These wedding reception dresses deserve not any less attention, as they allow the bride to show off all her creativeness. Here are a few ideas about the reception gowns for Nigerian brides.

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Reception gowns are usually made to let the bride have fun during the celebration, so it should be comfortable enough to dance your legs off. That said, there is still a huge variety of styles for bride reception dress. For example:

1. Ankara dress

Right now, Ankara is a huge part of the Nigerian culture. It is both stylish and traditional, which can make the wedding reception dress for the bride in line with a traditionally styled wedding and still be comfortable and stunning. Ankara reception dress is also very easy to find so you won’t have any problem ordering it or making it on your own.

2. Off-shoulder dress

This type of dress can be styled differently to, but they usually use lacing elements on their chest and/or their bottom. These dresses look the best either in very light colors, like pink, peach, and beige, or very dark ones, like black and navy blue.

3. Cocktail dress

This is a more modern look on traditional after wedding dresses in Nigeria. They were created to allow people to dance more freely, that’s why it is a perfect choice if you want to hang out with your friends and feel yourself more free on your personal holiday.

4. Long dress

This is another extreme type of reception dress. They are usually made as long as possible, with a plume dragging behind. These dresses sacrifice comfort for a true gorgeous ball-like feeling, which can only be intensified by Nigerian wedding guest outfits. If you and your bridesmaids would decide to wear the same long dresses with different color schemes, it would really look magical.

5. Lace dress

Lace is probably the second most popular material in Nigeria. Lace dresses are among the best bridal reception dresses, too, as they are very light and comfortable and, at the same time, very beautiful and sexy. Lace elements can make any dress much more elegant, that’s why it is definitely a good idea to find a lace dress, that will suit your wedding style.

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