Best Rapper In Nigeria: The Top 10

Nigeria has a very diverse music scene and there is always something to enjoy for fans of any genre. However, one of the most undeniably popular Nigerian music genres is rap, and there is no shortage of outstanding Nigerian rappers.

It’s also worth noting that Nigerian rap artists are also one of the wealthiest ones in the whole country, so there is a very good chance that the richest artist in Nigeria is actually a rapper. Find out the answer the question: “Who is the best rapper in Nigeria?” right now!

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10. Naeto C

Naeto C, who may soon become the best rapper in Nigeria, has shot to stardom thanks to just one hit song, Ten Over Ten. Since then fans have been waiting for another release from the promising artist, and currently, Naeto C is focused on making new records, taking his time and enjoying life as a happy husband and father of two.

Naeto C

9. Jesse Jagz

Jesse Jags kickstarted his career by founding the Chocolate City label together with his younger brother M.I. Abaga, who is now the richest rapper in Nigeria. Jesse had an on-and-off relationship with the label, but eventually, he decided to stay loyal to Chocolate City, having released numerous hit tracks both on his own and in collaborations with other rappers.

Jesse Jagz

8. Vector

When Vector emerged as an up-and-coming rapper, he caused quite a stir among best rappers 2016 due to his rapping style, which was very similar to the style of renowned American rappers and has not been heard in Nigeria before. Most fans know Vector from his smashing hit called King Kong, but the artist has much more to offer to his listeners.


7. Yung6ix

Yung6ix is one of the most hard-working musicians right now in Nigeria. The rapper got a breakout in 2010 and hasn’t stopped working, writing and recording ever since. By now Yung6ix has recorded a number of commercially successful singles and an album, which became one of the best-selling records of the era.


6. Falz

In addition to being one of the main contenders for the title of the best rapper in Africa, Falz has also made a career as a comedian, which means his fan base is twice as big as the fan base of any other rapper. Falz is equally good at rapping and making people laugh, which is why he is guaranteed to have a glittering career for years.


5. Illbliss

Illbliss is one of the more experienced artists in the Nigerian rap scene with three incredibly successful albums and a number of hit singles in his portfolio. Illbliss stands out from the rest of the rappers thanks to his unique flows that has listeners glued to their players whenever Illbliss releases a new record.


4. Reminisce

Reminisce may be the Nigeria best rapper among the artists who joined the scene in the recent years. Reminisce raps in Yoruba language, which adds to his appeal as an authentic rapper. He also made a name for himself as one of the most popular artists to collaborate with: his collaborations include both local rap stars and internationally famous rappers like Wale.


3. Phyno

Phyno first achieved success as a producer for other artists. Later he transitioned into performing and recording his own songs. Since then he made a lot of number one records, both on his own and together with other rappers – most notably, with Olamide, with whom he recorded the song Two Kings, which was the most played track in Nigeria for quite some time.


2. M.I.

M.I. Abaga achieved fame as one of the leading artists in the Nigerian rap scene, but his talents don’t end there, as he is also rated among the best songwriters. He has an ability to combine words in a way that resonates with the feelings of his fans. M.I. also has his own record label, Chocolate City, together with his brother Jesse Jagz.


1. Olamide

The number one on our list of top 10 rappers in Nigeria will hardly surprise anyone, as Olamide is truly a household name when it comes to rappers. He is one of the most prominent rappers singing in Yoruba language and is able to release one hit record after another. Olamide is only 28, but his legacy is already a force to be reckoned with.


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