Bitter Kola And Pregnancy: Tips For Women

It’s no secret that pregnant ladies should pay special attention to the products they’re eating and various remedies they’re taking. What is good for the rest of the population may be harmful to pregnant women, which is why it’s important to check whether it’s safe to consume any product.

Bitter kola is one of the most popular remedies in Nigeria and is used for treating dozens of conditions. But the effect of bitter kola in pregnancy hasn’t gotten much attention yet. Find the answer to the question: “Can a pregnant woman take bitter kola?” right now.

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1. Wonderful kola and fertility

Infertility is the biggest issue that prevents women from becoming mothers. The causes of infertility can vary, and infertility affects both men and women. Wonderful kola is among the most common infertility remedies in Nigeria with proven effect against various causes of infertility.

Regular intake of wonderful kola under the supervision of a doctor can help with the irregular menstrual cycle, which is the leading cause of infertility. Wonderful kola can help men too in case they suffer from impotency. In both situations, it’s necessary to consult a medical professional before starting the treatment.

Wonderful kola and fertility

2. Bitter kola and pregnancy

Since bitter kola is such a popular fertility remedy, many people consider it to be a very helpful product during pregnancy. It’s true that kola nut and pregnancy go hand in hand, and many pregnant ladies have already experienced the positive effect of kola nut.

The most common use of bitter kola, also known as orogbo in pregnancy, is to fight morning sickness. Excessive vomiting and nausea affect most of the ladies who are expecting, but including bitter kola into your daily menu helps reduce this condition and feel better. This effect of bitter kola in early pregnancy is the main reason why many women consume orogbo during this time.

 Bitter kola and pregnancy

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3. Bitter kola side effects

As we’ve mentioned earlier, pregnant women need to watch what they’re eating especially careful, as some products are forbidden to use during pregnancy, and others should be consumed in moderation. This is true for bitter kola as well.

Although bitter kola is used for its positive effect during the early stages of the pregnancy, you should be very careful about adding kola nut to your diet. Bitter kola is very rich in caffeine, which, in high doses, can be very harmful to the pregnant lady and the baby, leading to premature births, low birth weight, and various birth defects.

One kola nut contains as much caffeine as two cups of coffee, which means it’s very easy to take too much caffeine when you’re pregnant. If you plan to continue taking bitter kola against morning sickness despite the possible negative effect of wonderful kola and pregnancy, make sure to eliminate all other caffeinated drinks like coffee, strong tea, and some soft drinks. Stick to decaffeinated coffee, herbal tea, natural juice, and plain water instead.

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