Bitters: Pros And Cons For Your Health

Bitters didn’t appear in the Nigerian market too long ago, but in the short time since they have been introduced to the Nigerian public, various types of bitters, such as YoYo bitters, have flooded every market, grocery store, sidewalk, and supermarket in Nigerian cities.

Health benefits of bitters are one of the biggest reasons for the growing popularity of this product, although not many people know the truth about the true effect of bitters on our body. Bitters may be the most efficient way to enjoy the benefits of a bitter leaf. Find out what every kind of bitters can do for you!

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1. Ruzu Bitters

Ruzu Herbal Bitters is one of the most common brands of bitters sold in Nigeria. They come in several varieties, including herbal tea, a special remedy for men’s health, and several other products. Any Ruzu Bitters review praises the product’s marvelous effect on the health, especially its antibacterial properties, fertility treatment abilities, help for digestive problems, and a number of other important health benefits of Ruzu Bitters.

Like many types of bitters sold today, Ruzu Bitters are widely used for helping men and women reach their ideal weight – Ruzu Herbal Bitters for weight loss are one of the most popular ways to consume this product today.

Ruzu Bitters

2. YoYo Bitters

The famous YoYo Bitters benefits made YoYo Bitters another very popular type of bitters available in Nigeria. YoYo Bitters are known for their wide range of health benefits, but the main reasons for thousands of Nigerian ladies to buy them are the connection between YoYo Bitters and fertility.

Infertility is sadly a very common condition today in Nigeria, and many women prefer to take some natural supplements in addition to medicine prescribed by the doctor. YoYo Bitters and pregnancy is another concern for ladies who are not sure whether it’s safe to consume bitters while you’re pregnant. The truth is that like any other product, bitters are good during pregnancy in moderation.

Many bitters fans are wondering about YoYo Bitters side effects that could prevent them from consuming their favorite product. Great news – YoYo Bitters have gone through numerous researchers and have not proven to be harmful as long as you don’t take too much at once.

YoYo Bitters

3. Alomo Bitters

Alomo Bitters is also among the fastest selling brands of bitters in Nigeria. These bitters come in packages of 30, 250 and 750ml, so you can always find the necessary amount of Alomo Bitters without overpaying.

The recipe of Alomo Bitters is kept secret, but currently, the best-known health benefits of Alomo Bitters include their anti-malarial properties, as well as their ability to cure sexual dysfunction for men and an irregular menstrual cycle for women.

Alomo Bitters

4. Swedish Bitters

Swedish Bitters is one of the longest known brands in the Nigerian market and has achieved its popularity mainly thanks to its various health benefits.

The most essential health benefits of Swedish Bitters include mild treatment of insect bites, help with digestive problems, soothing toothache and getting rid of bad breath, and getting rid of a sore throat.

Swedish Bitters

5. Action Bitters

Action Bitters are different to any of the other brands of bitters mentioned above due to its high alcohol content. Despite the large amounts of alcohol, Action Bitters still have plenty of health benefits; most importantly – the ability to soothe an upset stomach, eliminate a backache, and be an additional cure for piles.

Action Bitters

6. Goko Cleanser

Dr. Iguedos Goko Cleanser is a remedy similar to YoYo Bitters and other brands, although it’s considerably more affordable. Goko Cleanser claims to be an effective remedy against dozens of conditions, from infertility to urinary diseases and from various types of pain to digestive issues, and many Goko Cleanser users agree with these claims.

Goko Cleanser

7. Baby Oku Drink

The Baby Oku Drink bitters have achieved recognition among Nigerians mainly for its ability to help men with different kinds of sexual dysfunction. Guys drink pure Baby Oku Drink or mix it with other beverages, and they say the results won’t keep you waiting!

 Baby Oku Drink

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