Where To Buy Stationery For Office In Nigeria?

If you work in an office, stationery products are very expandable. It means, that to make your business run smoothly or just to make your work process much easier and more careless, you need to have stationery for office always by your side.

But if you’re going to buy these materials a lot of times, you’d better find a place, where you can get them for a wholesale price, or you will become broke soon enough. If you don’t know such places, where you can find all points from your office stationery items list, this article is just for you.

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First of all, to buy the stationery for the price that is close to wholesale, you need to look for it on the internet. Online sellers don’t need to pay rent for a building to exhibit goods, they need less staff to pay to and they don’t pay for physical advertisements. This means, that they won’t charge you for all these expenses.

Another thing that will make you buy stationery online in Nigeria is a range of goods. If a stationery store doesn’t have something you need, you will have to look for it somewhere else.

In the same time, the online seller of stationery goods in a lot of cases can get you something they don’t have right now, but they’ll be able to order from their supplier. Still, if you want to get some goods fast, you can take a look at them at regular stationary shops.

Here are a few options for both types of the stores you can choose from:


This manufacturer and supplier offer not only a huge variety of different stationery items and office supplies but also a maintenance of office equipment and other wholesale services. It is one of the biggest stationery suppliers in Lagos, that’s why using their services is a safe bet.

2. Office Supplies

Office Supplies is an online shop with a lot of potential and a lot of useful features. It offers a nationwide delivery of its goods, a number of different payment methods and a great customer support. There is also a lot of different types of merchandize, so you’re likely to find whatever you need for your office.

3. Online marketplaces

Online marketplaces, like Jiji, are a great place to get office related items. They may not be concentrated on this particular type of merchandize, yet still you can find the thing you need among thousands of free ads people post there. Furthermore, you can compare prices and choose the best one of all, which will most likely be very close to an actual wholesale one.

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