How To Choose Cufflinks For The Most Stylish Look

Everyone wants to look as beautiful and stylish as they can. Unfortunately, male fashion is definitely not as diverse and varied, as female one. Formal men clothing usually consists of a two or three-piece suit, a shirt, and a tie.

While it really seems, that all of these clothes are dull and boring, there are actually a lot of different looks you can achieve with them, especially by using different accessories. However small they might be, they make a particular outfit unique and special, and cufflinks for men are one of these small things.

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Men usually don’t like to wear shirts that use cufflinks, as they need some more effort to take care of. However, custom cufflinks will really make a great stylish choice. If you want to know, how to choose cufflinks for a specific style, here are a few tips that will help you to do so.

1. Consider the occasion

It is obvious that the occasion should influence the style of your cufflinks, as well as the style of your whole outfit. For example, wedding cufflinks should be made out of some gemstone and gold or silver, while the cufflinks you wear daily would be better to make out of more durable material, like glass or cufflinks

2. Adjust to your clothing

It is common to pick your cufflinks to match the color of your shirt. That means, that you need to have a few pairs of cufflinks to match the shirts you wear more often. But the complete match is not exactly a strict rule, just make sure, that colors don’t contrast too much. For example, gold cufflinks work really well with white and black cufflinks

3. Ornament

There are a lot of designer cufflinks that feature elaborate ornaments. Although they look beautiful, they are not exactly the best choice for a traditional formal outfit. But they can be great for more elaborate costumes and fun occasions. There are also curious cufflinks with ornaments based on your interests, which are also not classical but will make your look unique and personal.designer cufflinks

4. Other accessories

Cufflinks usually come in a pair with a tie bar, but there are other accessories you have to consider before choosing the right cufflinks for your style.

For example, it would be a great idea to pick them to match your tie as a whole. You should also pay attention to your watch, as it is close to one of your cufflinks, and some similarity between them would be obvious and appreciated.

5. How you wear them

Despite what you might’ve thought, there are a lot of different ways to wear cufflinks. Most of them are based on the type of closures your cufflink has. It is not that big of a deal, but different types of cufflinks can influence the length of your shirt and a form of the end of the sleeve.

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