Choose The Right Glasses For Your Face

Sunglasses are one of the fashion staples that can make or break your whole look. Regular fashionistas and celebrities know how much sunglasses can influence anyone’s appearance, but the key to being a successful eyeglasses wearer is to know which shape is your ideal one.

There are so many types of glass shades that it’s not surprising when ladies get lost while trying to find their perfect pair. Luckily, our tips for how to choose the right glasses for your face will help you pick an ideal pair and instantly look hotter!

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1. How to pick sunglasses for your face shape

Experienced glasses buyers know several ways to buy the most suitable pair of sunglasses, but all of them agree that using your face shape as the main parameter is by far the most effective one. Trends in the sunglasses world come and go, but find your ideal shape and you’ll forever know how to create the desired optical effect with nothing but a pair of glasses.

If you’re not sure which one of the types of face shape is yours, you can easily find an infographic online and find the one that matches your appearance the most. Or check out the descriptions for every face shape below!

2. Glasses for round face female

Ladies with round-shaped faces won’t have any trouble finding their perfect glasses for face shape – there are just a couple of rules to remember.

Round faces have a rounded chin and fuller cheeks compared to other shapes, and their face width roughly equals the face length.

The best glasses for face shape of a circle are the ones that conceal the roundness of your face with the help of powerful details. Look for sunglasses with the wide lens, noticeable nose pads, and thick frames. You can also try glasses with prints and brightly colored frames – the are one of the best sunglasses for round face female.

Glasses for round face female

3. Glasses for oval face female

Ladies with oval-shaped faces are one of the luckiest ones when it comes to shopping for sunglasses since they are free to try nearly any style they like.

An oblong face can be easily spotted thanks to its overall balanced features, a chin that is notable narrower than the forehead, and the coveted high cheekbones.

Choosing eyeglass frames when you have an oval face is truly effortless: no matter how bold the shape or how eye-catching the print of the sunglasses is, you’re guaranteed to look awesome wearing them. However, don’t forget that good sunglasses should help you maintain the balance of your face features.

Glasses for oval face female

4. Glasses for a heart shaped face

Heart face shape is one of the rarest one today, so if your face is actually shaped like a heart, you should definitely feel proud!

If you’re not sure whether your face is heart-shaped, look at your chin: it should be not only much narrower than the forehead, but it should also be slightly pointed. Another telling sign of a heart face shape is the high and prominent cheekbones.

The best glasses frames for face shape of a heart are the most lightweight and pastel-colored ones. If you want to buy glasses with intricate detailing, choose a pair where the details are located in the lower part of the frame. Moreover, make sure that the top of the frame is wider than your forehead. Ray-Ban glasses are one of the best choices you can make.

glasses frames for face shape

5. Glasses for a square face

A square face can be unmistakably identified by it strong jawline that is nearly as wide as the forehead. Square-shaped faces normally have angular features that need to be softened with the help of suitable glasses according to face type.

If you have a square-shaped face, your appearance will benefit from round shapes – for example, Aviator Tom Ford glasses will positively transform your look. Don’t choose sunglasses with overly thick frames, and neutral-colored frames are definitely your best choice of glasses.

Glasses for a square face

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