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Fashion Schools In Lagos: Top 10 Worse Studying Academies

Today fashion has been commercialized to a great degree all over the world including Nigeria. A multitude of modern fashion schools in Lagos have been launched and more while more and more Nigerians nowadays want to choose fashion design as their main occupation.

Nigerian fashion industry is becoming more and more powerful thanks to a lot of talented designers. The prevailing number of Nigerian designers, including Tiffany Amber, Ituen Basi, Duro Olowu, Deola Sagoe went to design and fashion schools in Lagos. So why don’t you try it too?

Let’s try to find out what decent schools are there in this large and loved the city and determine the best fashion school in Lagos!

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1. Tiffany Amber fashion school

Tiffany Amber, launched in November 1998, belongs to Folake Coker, one of the most prominent fashion designers in Nigeria. The school’s designs are refined and classic African styles, blending into modern fashion trends organically.

Tiffany Amber fashion school

2. Lanre da Silva fashion house

This fashion house belongs to Lanre Ajayi, one of Nigeria’s most outstanding fashion designers. Famous fashion designer Oluwatobi Akintoye studied in this school!

The school’s styles were demonstrated in GTB Lagos Fashion & Design Week.

Lanre da Silva fashion house

3. Zaris Fashion & Style Academy

Zaris Fashion is an educational establishment in Lagos, offering classes of fashion, style, and fine arts. This school accentuates students’ self-education and finding their own understanding of fashion.

Zaris Fashion & Style academy

4. OSC College of Fashion

OSC Fashion provides courses of pattern drafting and sewing art, make-up, fashion marketing and merchandising, fashion photography, crafting your own accessories, textile design, Crystal application and a lot of other fascinating stuff.

OSC College of fashion

5. Instituto Di Moda Burgo fashion school

Instituto Di Moda is one of the leaders in fashion training in the entire world as well as one of the most fast-developing fashion schools in Lekki, Lagos.

It has been in business for about 54 years and has about 20 representations all over the world.

 Instituto Di Moda Burgo fashion school

6. Deola sogoe fashion school

This fashion school belongs to Deola Sogoe, one of the leading Nigerian fashion designers. The school’s fashions are famous for popularizing traditional African Designs as well as hand woven fabrics.

Deola sogoe fashion school

7. Valisimo fashion school

Valisimo has been around for about 7 years and is one of the most successful fashion schools in Nigeria. Directed by Valeria Boglo, the school teaches its students the pattern construction and drafting.

Valisimo fashion school

8. Ginani Fashion Design School

It is a premium ranking fashion designing institution in Lagos, offering different training programs to meet the needs of the modern fashion industry.

The training system is based on scientific foundations and principles. This eliminates guesswork and allows students to build skill and experience, and stay relevant as the years go by.

Ginani Fashion Design School

9. Rhoda Michael fashion academy

Rhoda Michael Fashion Academy is famous for providing excellent fashion design classes (the same as Justmysize Fashion and Unique designer, one of the most advanced fashion schools in Abuja).

The students here learn how to draft patterns, sew, sketch as well as the basics of coloristics, trend prediction, and fashion business management.

Rhoda Michael fashion academy

10. Fashion & Art Academy

Fashion & Art Academy is one of the most popular fashion schools in Nigeria. This private fashion school teaches fashion design skills as well as other fashion courses enabling its student to find a job in fashion or even start their own business in the fashion industry.

Fashion & Art academy

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